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A Simple Guide for First-Time Renters

If you’ve made the big decision to finally move out of he safety and comfort of the family home, there’s no doubt that you’ve made a big decision. After gathering a group of friends together or setting out solo, you’ll soon be swamped on your searches with amazing looking properties. Once you find one that ticks all of your boxes, you may end up running into a bit of trouble – namely, with what to do next. It can be tough for brand new renters, so in this article we take a look at some of the basics that every new renter should know about finding and securing their first rental property.

The first things you’ll need to sort out

If you’re looking at houses for rent in Blackburn, for example, it absolutely pays to be prepared. Ensure the application for your new house is prepared as early as possible so that you can submit as soon as you find the perfect place – time is everything when applying for rentals. To ensure you’re appropriately prepared, ensure you have spare digital and physical copies of all relevant application documents on hand. This will typically include identification, phone bills, and payslips, and up-to-date information related to any referees you have. When choosing your referees as a first-time renter, choosing people such as colleagues or a boss you get along with is a good idea. With all this managed, it’s time to find that house! One thing to note is how important inspections actually are – although a house might seem perfect through its photos and description, if you fail to inspect the property before you sign a lease you may very well be served up a dud. When inspecting, make sure to check that the property is not damaged in any severe way, the garden isn’t wild and that the number of bedrooms is correct (as listed bedrooms are occasionally studies).

Documents first-time renters need to keep on top of

If you’re successful in your house application, your landlord will get you to sign a residential tenancy agreement. This contract is effectively the lease agreement, and will serve as the legal contract between the tenant and the landlord. A proper lease agreement should outline things like the amount of rent and how it is to be paid, the length of the tenancy, amount of the bond, terms related to breaking lease and cleaning, and any other conditional rules that the landlord wants introduced. The bond that tenants will be required to pay effectively serves as a deposit in the event that the tenant doesn’t meet the agreed terms of the lease. At the conclusion of the tenancy agreement, the bond may end up covering (in part or in full) an issue related to cleaning, repairs, or replacement of missing items. Finally, a condition report will note the state of the property when tenants first move in, which will include detailed information related to the state of the property at the beginning of the lease. Things that the condition report will detail might include walls, doors and floors, and any existing damage.

Finding the rental of your dreams takes time

In a competitive property market finding the ideal rental property to suit your needs can be tough, but a bit of hard work and preparation is bound to help a great deal. Keeping the above tips in mind, any new renter should be able to make the process as stress-free as possible and land a rental house they can transform into a home.