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Signs It’s Time to Change Your Web Host

For a web visitor, there is nothing as frustrating as dealing with a website that is taking forever to load the pages. Humans like to be attached. It is more comforting to stay in a relationship that has failed to meet your basic needs simply because it is what you’re used to. Deep down, you’ll know that you deserve better but don’t want to get out of the toxic relationship. When it comes to web hosting, the signs will be hard to assume. Here are some of the undeniable signs that you should be getting a new web hosting provider for your website.

Lack of Customer Support

This is one of the obvious signs that you should start looking for a new web hosting provider. If you can’t get in touch with customer support then it means that you’re on your own should you have an issue with the website. A good Cloud server provider Cloud Server Hosting should invest in customer support as that is what forms the backbone of the business. Without stellar customer support, there is no person in their right mind who would want to work with you. Ideally, you’d want to work with a hosting company that provides 24/7 support as you can never really be sure when you’ll need help with your website.

You’re Experiencing Downtime

It will be a lie for a hosting company to guarantee 100% uptime. No hosting company should make this claim as there are a lot of things that could happen that could make a website experience downtime. If your website is always offline, it is a sign that there is an underlying issue with the provider that they’re not open about. As much as downtime is normal, it shouldn’t be regular. You need to make sure that you’re getting a host that will make sure that the website is always online whenever possible.

Slow Performance

Doing business in the modern era requires that your website is loading fast. If you’ve done all the speed optimizations and the website is still slow, there is a chance that the issue could be with the hosting provider. When your website is slow. It will not only chase away potential customers but also hurt your organic ranking. That is why it is important that you’re taking the right steps to ensure that your website is loading fast and that could sometimes mean moving to a new host.

Unreliable During Traffic Peaks

If your site keeps going down when there is an increase in traffic, there is a chance that it will have to do with bandwidth. Most web hosting companies will encourage you to move your website to a dedicated server. If you still experience the same challenge then there is a high chance that the problem is with the hosting provider. The hosting company will need to be accountable and not a lot of them will want to take responsibility. You will have no other choice but to start shopping for a new company.

Lack of Security

The web is always lurking with hackers sniffing for security vulnerabilities. When you use a hosting company that doesn’t take security seriously, you’ll be putting your business in great danger. When your site has been hacked, it will feel like you’re helpless. You could be having very sensitive customer information that makes you open for litigation. That is why it is imperative that you’re searching for a web hosting company that takes security seriously. They’ve invested in the latest technologies to ensure that their clients’ servers are safe and secured.

High Renewal Fees

There are some hosting companies that are known to employ predatory tactics in order to get potential customers. You might pay a fraction of the cost for the whole year. That means that you’ll not have to think about web hosting for at least 12 months. When it comes to renewal, it is when it hits you that the yearly payment is not practical for you. Make sure that you’re reading the fine print before you commit to paying the hosting company. You can always reach out to them in case you have questions or concerns about the web hosting service.


You shouldn't wait until your website is hacked before you can start thinking of migrating to a more reliable provider. Sometimes the signs will be obvious right from the moment you start working with them. You can pay for three months to see the kind of service you can get before committing long-term.

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