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Starting A Business? Why You Should Consider A Serviced Office

If you’ve had an idea for a new business, chances are that you can’t wait to get started! If you are planning to work with other people and meet with clients, then you will probably need to consider some kind of office space, as it’s not always appropriate to have a client over to your home. It’s also beneficial to your own wellbeing to keep your workspace away from your home space; otherwise, you might start to feel like you never get to have a break.

Before you start scoping out premises, it’s worth taking a look at what serviced offices have to offer and whether they will suit your business, as they offer a lot of benefits over the more traditional idea of leasing an office building.

You Could Start Working Tomorrow

If you decided to lease an office, you would need to arrange for utilities, IT infrastructure, and office furniture at a minimum before you could get into the building and actually start working. Depending on who you work with, these things can take weeks to arrange. Not only that, but the time that you are spending on the project management of the move to your new premises is time that could be much better spent developing your ideas and growing your customer base.

Serviced office spaces are often available quite quickly, and you’ll be ready to start working as soon as you move in. Your office will already have utilities, furniture, and IT infrastructure ready and waiting for you. Not only this, but the serviced office company will be responsible for the maintenance of these things, so you won’t have the headache of trying to find someone to solve your network problems if you suddenly find yourself offline.

Predictable Costs

The cost of utilities and infrastructure can be unpredictable. If there is a sudden spate of cold weather or a computer virus that couldn’t be predicted and takes a lot of time to solve, then you can find yourself with an unexpected and hefty bill.

Serviced office providers will include the cost of this maintenance in your rental agreement, so you will always know how much you will be paying out for the day to day running of your office. If you would like to find out more about serviced office spaces, then you can check out the Australian Serviced Office Directory, which acts as a search engine to help you find serviced office spaces in all of the major Australian cities.

Virtual Administration

Many serviced office providers will also offer virtual administration services, meaning that they will provide staff to answer the phones for you and carry out basic administrative tasks.

This means that you can concentrate on recruiting for your core business needs, and not have the additional worry of finding administrative staff. It also means that you can utilise admin staff when you actually need them, and not use them when you don’t. If you were to hire your own admin staff, then you might find that during periods where you don’t have as much administration work you are scrambling to find work for them, and vice versa there might be times where you have far too much work for the admin staff you have.


Flexibility is another huge benefit to a serviced office space. If you find that you have taken on a huge project and need a lot of extra space quickly, generally, a serviced office provider will be able to facilitate this for you. In the same way, if you unexpectedly found that your need for space was reduced, you could move to a smaller premises, meaning that you are only ever paying for the space that you are actually using.


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