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What are the five industries that are hiring a freelance transcriptionist?

Launching yourself as a freelance transcriptionist requires a lot of courage because, as a freelancer, you would have to deal with many difficulties compared to people with full-time jobs. Hence, it becomes essential for you to find out the different kinds of industries that offer transcription work. You can know more at Dormzi about Freelance transcription jobs.

Once you research thoroughly about the type of work related to different transcription jobs, it will become easier for you to find the right audience and start offering your services to them. The majority of freelance transcriptionists try to directly connect with the companies that are into transcription for a long time because several transcription companies have started allowing both the full-timers and freelancers.

The presence of freelance transcriptionists becomes useful when there are a lot of audio files that require to be converted into text and PDFs. A majority of the industries would undoubtedly have this kind of requirement. But amongst all the other industries, the below-mentioned industries require the help of transcriptionists in huge numbers. You canlearn moreabout the top 5 industries that hire freelance transcriptionists in massive numbers and register with them if you are looking for such transcription jobs.

Hospitals and other paramedic centres

The medicinal field requires services from transcribers in enormous numbers because it becomes challenging for doctors to listen and record everything that the patient has to say. They also need to have detailed information to diagnose the issue, but it becomes difficult with the lack of adequately maintained records. Such requirements would undoubtedly call for the transcription services. Hence, this is one of the fields that gave rise to the transcription jobs.

Additionally, there are times when the doctors would be dictating the health issues of a particular patient and their complete history. Such information needs to be recorded and produced as a document for future reference. Here’s when doctors from different areas interact with the medical transcriptionist and get their work done. Once the transcriptionist completes the work, the files get stored in the database, where the doctors can simply access the reports when the need arises.

Law firms and industries

The role of a legal transcriptionist becomes highly essential, especially for cases that are long. The lawyers simplify the process of tracking such cases by recording the statements from the clients and giving it off to the transcriptionists to convert them into text and make them reader-friendly. It is apparent that writing all the statements as the client speak is humanely impossible for the lawyers.

Also, one cannot come to a conclusion within one or two discussions. The lawyers need to refer to the documents from time to time in order to fight for their clients. They also need to analyze the facts and other incidents through their client’s statements to lead the case. Thus, using a freelance legal transcriptionist becomes useful for them as they can have every detail in front of them.

Recruitment firms

The continuous workflow of recruitment agencies also requires the services from transcriptionists. These people conduct a lot of interviews in a single day, and hence, it becomes highly impossible to record everything that the candidate is speaking. But the candidate's interview round is essential to determine whether or not he/she is eligible for the job role.

Moreover, the recruitment officer cannot sit and write down all the points as the candidate speaks. Hence, they go for the idea of recording everything that the candidate has to say during the interview. Next, they get the entire conversation processed into text documents. Once the transcription work of these files is done, the recruitment agencies refer to them whenever they want to make a decision about the candidate. Additionally, they can use this information in the future for any reference purpose.

Education industries

A lot of seminars and other conferences would be conducted in the education industries. At times, the voice recorded files can come in handy, but there also arises a need to have a written copy of such seminars. It helps the people to keep a track of important information and understand the concept properly.

Additionally, a readable format in the form of transcription helps the institutes and students go through the relevant points again and again in the future. They can also pass on this information to the students who will step up in their educational year. Hence, a lot of educational institutes are trying to use freelance transcription services to a greater extent.

Research field

The researchers are continuously involved in finding information from different sites and sources. They might have to visit several sites physically and make a note of all the essential points. But this process becomes time consuming for them as they have to spend time in research and write down all the details on the go. Most importantly, they need to avoid missing out on the crucial work that they have to do along with the research.

Hence, a lot of researchers try to record audio files while they are researching about the topics and then give them off to the transcribers for converting into text format. Such types of transcription work can be done by general transcriptionists who know how to write well. Some researchers might look for full-time transcribers to avoid searching for the relevant person in times or excess work load. But some would prefer freelance transcribers depending on their budget and work flow.


Without transcriptionists, things can become really difficult to analyze or understand. Although audio files can be handy at times, they may not offer the desired result like your get from reading text documents or PDF files. Also, it becomes hectic to listen to the same audio files for several times, which does not happen with reading from a text file. Hence, these are the top five industries that have chosen the services of transcribers as they become extremely useful for them.

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