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5 Stocks to Keep an Eye on the GXCM Online Investing Platform

In 2020 stock markets had benefited from the combination of fiscal and monetary stimulation, as capital flowed away from low-yielding assets. Companies with dominant market positions had been the best performers and retail CFD traders had the opportunity to take advantage of the massive price volatility both on rising and falling markets.

GXCM is one of the online investing platforms providing access to 2,000+ shares from all around the world, yet some of these assets stand out substantially. Here are the top 5 stocks you should watch when trading with GXCM, in case you want to benefit from tight spreads and overall attractive conditions.

# Apple (AAPL)

The largest company listed in the United States had been one of the most attractive to invest in 2020, considering it managed to preserve profit margins and its market dominance. Trading around $116 at the time of writing, it is well-above the January highs, showing that the market trust in AAPL had not diminished, despite the difficulties the world is facing.

# Microsoft (MSFT)

Thanks to the GXCM special events, traders also have access to Microsoft (MSFT) CFDs, and can even get a deposit bonus. One of the largest software companies in the world was among the top picks among traders, as the shift towards remote work generated large revenues. Tech has been a leading performing sector in 2020 and should continue to do so, as long as countries are unable to return to normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


One of the largest automakers in the world and listed in Germany, BMW is still part of the DAX 30 index and has benefited from the run towards dominant companies. It is among a few companies from its industry that managed to recover from the March losses, even though the global transportation sector suffered greatly throughout the year.

Stocks CFDs trading with GXCM

As the other stock CFDs available with GXCM, traders can buy or sell BMW contracts with 1:25 leverage, floating spreads, and 0.1% commission. On top of that, the brand provides access to trader insights, which means customers can see how the other customers are positioned on all instruments part of the offer.

# Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH)

The French conglomerate and multinational corporation specialized in luxury goods and headquartered in Paris, is among the CFDs covered by GXCM. Founded in 1987, it is currently one of the oldest publicly-listed companies in the world, with a revenue of 53.7 billion euros in 2019.

Specialized in clothing, cosmetics, fashion accessories, jewelry, perfumes, spirits, watches, and wines, it had an impressive performance in 2020, outperforming most of the benchmarks. On top of that, the stock had been very volatile, generating trading opportunities on both sides of the market.

# Barclays (BARC)

Interest rates have been rising for the past several weeks and bank stocks are some of the assets traders should keep an eye on. Since higher interest rates mean increased profit margins for banks, a brand like Barclays, which is one of the largest in the world, can benefit, due to the dominant market share. GXCM covers multiple bank stocks listed not only in the US but also on other major exchanges.

Diversification is key at a time when uncertainty continues to be elevated. That is why GXCM offers access to so many different stock CFDs, alongside other major asset classes. The 5 stocks mentioned above are among the ones that should be monitored, given the outperformance posted throughout 2020 and positive prospects for the near term. Investors and traders will continue to look for yield and profitable, cash-flow generating companies are the right place to be in.

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