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4 Aspects To Look For When Selecting A Subdivision Certifier

Are you looking on to subdivide your property? Maybe you are a group of investors and bought a large parcel of land. Now, you want to subdivide it among yourselves. Alternatively, you want to develop it in phases or sell plots to people looking into your own homes and property.

The first step in your journey is getting a subdivision certification. The local council offers a subdivision certificate to help you proceed with your process. The authority will do so after inspecting and assessing your property and ensure it meets the requirements.

With the increasing demand for property, subdivision certifiers Sydney are coming to service. But how do you know the legit ones? Here are some aspects to consider:

Area of qualification

Like other fields, some people join the subdivision certification niche to make money. These people lack the professional qualifications required in the field. When you contract them, they will take you rounds and rounds without performing the task. Such fraudsters will even establish an eye-catching website to trap unknowing victims.

For you to avoid their traps, it is essential to assess the subdivision certifier’s qualification. Check their educational background and whether they qualify to perform the task. Also, ensure they have the right licenses and permits from relevant authorities. Otherwise, ignoring this aspect can lead to regrettable outcomes.

The class of registration

The subdivision field has many classes. Each class depends on the type of land and location. For instance, coastal land will fall under a different class from rural lands. The same case will happen to suburban and city properties. As these class differences, the same way the registration of subdivision certifiers vary. To find out more here are the findings in what makes a good certifier.

A certifier registered in the rural subdivision category may not qualify to run certification exercise for urban properties. For this reason, you need to assess the registration class of the certifier before engaging them on your subdivision task.


No doubt, a reputable certifier will always perform perfect work. The opposite is also true. A subdivision certifier with a bad reputation will not give you the best results. Before contracting one for your task, you need to assess their reputation.

Check out the feedback and reviews from past clients. You can also work with referrals from your friends and family. Ignoring this assessment can lead to a costly process. So, always consider the certifiers' reputation before hiring them for the job.


Agreeably, the experience is crucial when picking a subdivision certifier. These certifiers might be costly but their work will leave you with a smile. Hiring an amateur certifier will be cheap. But due to their inexperience, they are likely to face many hurdles. This aspect will delay the certification process and affect your development plan. As such, going for experienced subdivision certifiers is always a good idea.

Final thoughts

In a word, choosing the wrong subdivision certifier will not only affect your plans but also it is a costly affair. Your application may not go through meaning you will need a new one. so, it is critical to assess a certifier before you approve them for the subdivision certification process.

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