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Delivery Drones: The Evolution in Logistics

Online shopping has given people the opportunity to shop from the comforts of their home and the rise of a flourishing eCommerce industry. Each and every development in the eCommerce industry has started an evolution. For instance, the Trueblue Casino has brought a radical change in the gambling market with its elite platform. Whether it is cashless delivery or try-before-you-buy feature, people are embracing the changes happening here. With the wide popularity of the online shopping and eCommerce industry, the logistics domain has also gained momentum in the past few years.

There have been many advancements in logistics that has positively reflected in the eCommerce industry. The recent giant leap in logistics is drone delivery. Over a few decades, drones have evolved in a way that can come in handy for mainstream logistics.

Drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (AEVs) are like small robots that are remotely controlled or follow an internal aerial flight path. While drones have been long used for military purposes, it was later in the mid-2000s that drones were permitted for commercial use. Now drones are all set to enter the eCommerce industry by becoming delivery drones that fulfill door-to-door delivery orders. If you are keen to know more about delivery drones and their evolution, you have come to the right place.

What Are Unmanned Aerial Vehicles?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones will be soon used for delivery purposes by major eCommerce companies. These drones will be employed in the logistics industry that will make shipping easier than ever. It is said that 2021 will be the year when drones debut as transport devices in the logistics industry. However, there is no confirmation as to when we can expect it. These mini helicopters used for delivery are undoubtedly a massive evolution in the logistics industry. One of the largest online retailers, Amazon, attempted to bring drones into their business. Amazon added the drones as a logistics plan for the deliveries.

Over the past few years, the conglomerate has been developing an Octocopter (an eight-rotor aerial device). Though the project is in its initial stage, the company has announced that the action plan is already in the 6th generation testing. Amazon said that drones would definitely increase the efficiency and speed of deliveries offering utmost customer satisfaction. Drones will bring a boom in the eCommerce industry that will allow it to thrive further and escalate the revenue growth.

Current State of Drone Delivery In Logistics

Last year was a benchmark for drones in logistics as Alphabet’s startup Wing drone made its first delivery in Virginia. With the help of FedEx, Walgreens, and local retailers. Wing also kickstarted the first air service system in Australia for customers to place their food orders, over-the-counter medicines, etc., through a mobile app and get them delivered at their doorstep via drones.

UPS also became the first FAA-approved drone airline in America. It was right after UPS’s healthcare drone delivery that came out to be highly successful. No doubt drones have showcased a magnificent performance in the logistics industry; just like True Blue Casino no deposit bonus has emerged as an excellent reward for the players.

What Are The Benefits of Using Drone Delivery?

Whenever a groundbreaking technology enters the eCommerce industry, people want to know what good it brings. Why not? It is essential to understand the possible advantages of drone delivery and its impact on the logistics industry. This will help in understanding whether this amazing development is worth it or not.

Here are the popular benefits that can be acquired from drone delivery:

Reduced Road Traffic: There have been plenty of mishaps happening due to the Companies are planning to add drones to the delivery system that will automatically reduce road congestion. With lesser delivery vans and trucks on the roads, road congestion will be largely reduced.

Lesser Environmental Pollution: The number of delivery trucks and vans is only adding to the pollution. Delivery drones are way too convenient than using delivery trucks. Also, they will help in reducing carbon emissions, thereby safeguarding the environment and reducing pollution.

Reduced Delivery Time: One of the key areas where customers are often unsatisfied is the delivery time. Sometimes due to the logistics inefficiency, packages are delivered late. With the inclusion of drones, packages will reach the destination without road congestion, thereby reducing the delivery time. It is claimed that drones will complete the order within 30 minutes.

Less Transport Cost: Drones can be largely beneficial for businesses as it helps in reducing the cost involved in the delivery. The transportation cost was higher as the packages took a longer time. With drones reducing delivery time, the transportation cost will also be reduced marginally. Delivery times will reduce from three days to mere hours.

Improved Customer Satisfaction: All the above-mentioned points directly reflect on customer satisfaction. When customers get reduced delivery times and efficient delivery, their loyalty towards the company will automatically increase. Drones will be able to deliver packages faster. Who would not want that?

There are many other benefits of drone delivery that both customers and companies can seek advantage of. That’s the reason the idea of drone delivery seems promising to all. Except for the legal formalities of availing permission and license for drones, the idea of bringing them into logistics is certainly forward-thinking.

What Are The Concerns Related To Drone Delivery?

When you ascertain the benefits of this technology, it is important to understand its setbacks as well. It is important to know the concerns that can arise from drones:

Financial Outlay: While drones have reduced transportation costs and decreased the delivery time, the manufacturing and maintenance of these devices will still be a high cost for the companies. These air drones have to be designed and developed in a robust and accurate manner that will directly be increasing the engineering cost. This is one of the major concerns that come with drone delivery. Companies have to think about ways to decrease the development cost without compromising on the quality.

Privacy Concerns: Another important concern that cannot be neglected is the privacy issue. What about the data breaches and confidentiality of customers’ packages? It is important to think about all these issues that can become a major concern for the logistics industry and hamper the company's credibility. It is important to curate guidelines that will govern the uses of unnamed aerial vehicles.

Weight of Products: It is something that the developers have to keenly think about. People order different types of items from online sites. So how are drones going to manage the weight of heavy products? It is a concern that can severely affect the idea of drone delivery altogether. Developers have to come up with ideas that can tackle this issue. Drones should be developed according to the shipment's weight to maintain the safety of the people.

Air Traffic: While drones will reduce the traffic on roads by replacing delivery trucks and vans, it will simultaneously increase the air traffic. When multiple drones are traveling to different destinations, it will definitely increase the air traffic. In the coming years, drones will naturally add to the air traffic, and strict guidelines have to be created to avoid any crisis in the future.

Flying Height: As we know that drones cannot fly above 400m, it can become a major issue in cities with skyscrapers or areas with dense forests. In these regions, drones will witness difficulties in moving efficiently. There have to be separate norms for flying in places like this to avoid any incidents. Developers can also think about creating drones that can manage to fly higher.

The Bottom Line

Drones are the future of logistics that will set a breakthrough in eCommerce. It will bring better convenience and reduced delivery times that enhance the customer experience. Everyone is waiting for drones to enter the logistics industry soon.

Many online retailers like Amazon are already testing drone delivery in selected cities across the globe. In the coming years, drone testing will shape the future of these aerial vehicles. Tech giants are already thinking about bringing future updates of these drones that will help in transportation.

The year seems to bring some promising and steadfast changes in the logistics industry. With the current pandemic that emphasizes social distancing, drones will be the ideal set up for door-to-door delivery.

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