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6 Benefits Of Mentoring For Your Business

If your business will stand a real chance of being successful in the increasingly competitive business world, it’s going to need a little guidance from others. Many new CEOs tend to recognize this, and so, they try to get their education from bestseller books and trending classes. This isn’t so bad in itself, except it doesn’t negate the need for a mentor.

If you get a mentor for your business, you’re getting hands-on, one-on-one participation from your mentor. The business journey is full of many challenges, and fixed, non-customized advice that in a book might not cut it. Or you get to a point where you just contemplate quitting because things are going wrong. If you feel like you want to give up, having an experienced business owner be by your side may not only give you advice but also boost your morale can be the best thing that decides the continuity of your business.

If you still aren’t convinced, let’s dig in and see the top benefits of mentoring for your business.

1. Get Answers In Real Time

The business world might be truly known by those who have explored it. Advice from your friends and family may be supportive, but their point-of-view is only to a certain degree. Up to a point, when it concerns high-risk decisions, you might be better off asking a seasoned business professional who most likely might has had to make a similar or comparable decision themselves.

In a mentoring relationship, you could get precisely this. It can help you wade through the noise of all the unsolicited advice that could come from people that mean well around you.

Your mentor can make you the priority; you can ask questions and get answers before you take a blind leap into the dark!

2. Help With Strategies and Methods

Being told that you need to improve communication within your organization to fix a specific problem is one matter, but sitting down and coming up with different strategies is another topic altogether. A business mentor will do both. They’ll be able to speak from experience! 

For David Easton CEO at Reborn, mentoring is essential to hire & develop good talent. This advice is more credible since, coming from Sam Higgs, “David has been a valuable mentor for most of my thinking and guiding me in strategic business decisions. He is patient, intelligent and personable. He donated his time and energy into my success and am extremely grateful for his wisdom and support.”

This being said, choose a mentor whose business strategies have been tried and tested in both their own and other’s businesses successfully so that you aren’t taking a gamble with a career you’ve worked hard for. Take your time searching for the right mentor; there are several good options out there. Their emphasises will range on what you’re looking for.

David’s commitment to the mentor-mentee relationship is what every mentor should be aiming for! As you continue the journey to find your own mentor, do your best to try to find someone as passionate as David!

3. Provide Perspective

Left to your own devices, you might end up blowing anthills out of proportion until you have mountains to move and surmount. A business mentor will help you gain a different perspective, be it a problem or an idea. Before you implement that ‘great’ idea you’ve been thinking about, try running it past your mentor and see if there’re any risks you’ve overlooked so you tighten up your plan before venturing.

4. Improve Key Skills

Most skills you’ll learn could be acquired by watching others or doing in action. Association is, therefore, a great determiner of the skills you’ll learn and develop.

Your mentor will be able to help you sharpen skills you might not be good at right now. There are times when people aren’t proficient, but when you choose a mentor, don’t choose someone good in areas you’re already good at! Aim for complementarity in your mentor-mentee relationship.

5. Venting With A Person That Gets It

Letting out your frustrations and stress is important in the process to finding a mentor. Releasing all the negative energy can assist you in building positive and productive productivity.

Getting mentoring for your business allows you to talk with someone who understands your journey and help you brainstorm solutions. Problem-solving with you mentor is venting with a purpose.

6. Growing Your Network

Your business mentor might be more established and connected in the business world, which could create wonderful opportunities for you and your business. An exceptional coach could connect you to other business owners or mentees whose services could end up being useful to you.


No matter how well your business seems to be doing, it could always do better! To reach this next level, finding a good and seasoned business mentor is the first step. With this professional at your side, everything could feel clearer and more bearable.

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