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Here’s How Offices Are Increasing Employee Morale

An employee doesn’t stop becoming a human being as soon as they enter a professional working environment.

Conventional senses of the word professionalism lead people to believe that they have to follow a certain decorum the whole time. While it’s true that offices need a specific environment that is considered professional for working, we still can’t expect workers to work every day of the week in the same pattern every minute.

CEOs like Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Group, are of the strict opinion that employees come first even before the clients. He says all the work relies upon your employees, whereas your clients are just there to ask how long it’s going to take.

That’s why smart HR and CEOs are required to come up with easy ways to guarantee employee motivation and retention. The idea of introducing your entire team to the escape hunt experience in Perth seemed crazy to some before. But read on below to find out how effective it has proven to be!

Factors that Affect Employee Motivation

Before we get to what the escape hunt experience is, let’s talk about what employee motivation is.

Even if we take Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as a standard reference, we can’t begin to imagine all the possible factors affecting the modern-day employee. Issues such as culture, race, gender violence, etc., are things that not only affect employees but are things corporations can not do much for either. Except for ensuring a politically safe environment inside the company, you can’t expect to fix society for them.

That’s why some people restrict the idea of employee motivation to the number of hours the workers spend at their workplaces. If we can get employees to be motivated for just this period, we’re good to go.

This is where HR departments should be tasked with figuring out team activities and ideas for team shuffling that can mix things up. Keeping in view the following factors that affect motivation, managers need to help employees through them:

· Individual position (financial, political, hierarchical)

· Individual development (skill, professional, career-wise)

· Workplace environment (including amenities, facilities, etc.)

· Social environment (collaboration and cooperation between teams and departments)

· Extra-Curriculars (activities other than strictly work)

To be fair, it’s a common norm for corporations to work on enhancing competition in the workplace. While this approach has worked in motivating and encouraging already ranking employees to reach their potentials, it has inevitably resulted in the demotivation of employees who didn’t rank. Based on what the rewards were, you can be sure that those who lost inevitably left the workplace feeling more demotivated than they previously did.

This is why workplace competition has run its course and is no longer the ideal way to go about motivating your employees, at least not all the time.

The Escape Hunt Experience Perth

Unlike the usual adventure and lock rooms, the most exciting escape hunt experience guarantees fun and promises enhancements in team coordination, communication, and task execution.

This is because this experience has your employees get locked in a room that’s full of mysteries. The only thing that your team will get is a clue that will lead them to the next, and so on. The team will need to make sure that they explore the whole room and find the rest of the clues.

The best part about the escape hunt experience is that you can’t be a solo winner in this. Inevitably, you need to coordinate with people, regardless of what you think, to get out.

As teams consult each other and discuss the possibilities, one can expect all the in-fights to either break or work themselves out. What this means is that there are chances your team will engage in heated arguments amongst each other.

But like all good lessons, the hunt experience will need them to work together to get out. Eventually, any teams that go inside the escape hunt experience come out with a very different context.

Why Should Employers Consider the Escape Hunt Experience?

A lot of times, the workplace just doesn’t seem like the most exciting place to go to. Even managers and CEOs wake up on days and don’t feel like starting the same routine again. The mundane reality that becomes of our professional life is downright appalling in some cases where the situation never changes.

This is why we need adventures like the escape hunt experience in Perth to add value to our lives. Events, trips, and plans such as these not only give you something to look forward to but they also become crucial breaks even as surprises.

A lot of workplaces indeed think little to not at all about retaining employee motivation. For the oblivious managers, the only source of motivation should be the money they’re going to earn. Whereas, those with even the slightest bit of psychological intellect can realize the desperate need to motivate employees to encourage them to work harder.

In the grand scheme of things, a company with 1000 employees will probably have a tough time keeping track of how all the employees are working. A good HR department will have to develop ways to measure employees’ emotional states and pinpoint departments or individual workers that appear to be affected. It might not be easy at first, but it’s inevitably necessary.

The Advantages

The escape hunt experience has made it possible for teams to come together and interact with each other in a locked room. This guarantees that all frustrations in between teams will have to be addressed.

The fact that the hunt requires teams to work together to find and solve clues will ensure teams work together.

When the hunt becomes challenging, even the least encouraged or the laziest teammates will have to pitch in with a certain level of dedication if they want to go out.

While all these activities have long-term effects that are apparent in team collaboration and cooperation, the best part about the escape hunt is knowing how much time you took with it. The escape hunt experience in Perth is a challenge that all employees would love to beat and learn a lot in the process.

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