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5 Colours That Can Improve Mood And Productivity In The Office

Just like painting your home, the right colour matters in an office. It's believed that colours can improve mood and productivity. Choosing the best paint colour for your office is quite complicated because your decision isn’t just based on your preference, but you also have to consider the nature of your job and which shade is comfortable for your colleague.

If you're not sure about the different shades that you can use to paint areas in your office, hiring a painting and decorating expert is the best thing to do to ensure that you're not wasting money painting an area that doesn't suit the workplace. 

If you stay in Central Coast, there are a lot of professional painting services like the Painters Central Coast that can do almost all kinds of services, whether it's for residential or commercial space. Even though you've decided to seek professional help in painting the office, it's still important to familiarize yourself with the different shades that you can fill in your office with their corresponding representations which aim to uplift the mood and can increase work productivity. 

1. Red

Red paint is described as a high-wavelength colour that represents excitement, courage, and strength but may also symbolize activeness and the sense of intensity and alarm. At times, it invokes leadership and power. This colour is effective in catching attention. It's thought that when you have red shades around or the area is painted with red shade, employees stay energized and engaged the whole day. 

If you're in the construction or manufacturing business, painting the employee's work area is a way to stimulate their energy levels. Since red is effective in drawing attention, you can paint the area near the bulletin board with this colour. 

2. Blue

The shade of blue symbolizes efficiency, communication, trust, and logic. It has a calming effect that can stimulate the mind to boost the productivity and focus of the employees. It's an ideal paint in areas where intricate tasks are handled.  

At first, you may perceive blue as a little loud, but when you get used to it, motivation may intensify. An area in the office where this shade is suitable is in the accounting office. Painting the space blue is a perfect accent wall colour that helps any decor stand out.  

3. Yellow

If you want a lively and happy work atmosphere that's full of positivity, the yellow shade is a perfect choice. Since it represents optimism, it may bring about innovation. Paint the workspace of creative professionals like designers, artists, writers, and developers with yellow to boost their creativity.

This mood-lifting colour is one of the shades that grabs attention but on a friendly and positive note. Psychologists link this shade to the effects of the sun, which is the centre of everything. No matter how loaded the employees are with tasks, they can still remain optimistic.  If work efficiency and productivity are achieved the employee’s morale is also enhanced.

4. Green

Have you ever wondered why the board in school was painted green? It's because this shade is easy on the eyes. Having green walls is suitable for workers who used to stay long hours in the office. If you're into paperwork in the financial industry, having touches of green gives calming effects.

If there are so many touches of colours in your office, the green colour balances it out to have harmony. This shade lets you connect to the outside world since it's a colour prevalent in nature, making it suitable in areas with no windows.  

5. Grey

This colour is a common office paint. It's a go-to shade for those who want to achieve neutrality or a modern minimalist theme. Unlike the other vibrant shades, when grey isn't executed well, it may deliver a vibe of lack of confidence, dull, and boring atmosphere that can trigger depression.  

You may incorporate decorations like paintings with vibrant colors and plants in the office area to avoid negative vibes. Since this shade is a plain color, it can enhance concentration, perfect for those who get easily distracted.  

Final Thoughts

By playing with different colours, you’re not only improving the aesthetics of the workplace, but you’re also setting in the mood. If you want a calming effect that motivates employees to work, go with blue paint. If you have a fast-paced business that requires full of energy workers, red is the right colour. To enhance creativity and a lively atmosphere, opt for a yellow shade. For a relaxing vibe that breaks down a busy environment, add shades of green, and if you want minimalist surroundings that cause less distraction, grey is the right shade.

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