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Why You Need to Know About Salesforce

Salesforce has been around for about 2 decades in total, but its importance and its value continue to grow across different sectors around the world. It’s such an important business tool for so many companies, that many are sending their staff to get Salesforce Certification Training so that they can become in-house experts and train others in the use of this critical software.

But is the popularity of Salesforce the only reason to learn about it? Are there no more compelling reasons than that to become cognizant of this software? Below are some reasons why you really can’t afford not to know about Salesforce in 2021.

What is Salesforce?

Just in case you didn’t already know, Salesforce is the world’s top CRM (customer relationship management) platform. It was founded by Marc Benioff and Parker Harris back in 1999 and has since become the world’s gold-standard go-to choice for CRM models. It serves a huge number of industries and sectors around the world, with some even creating special versions of the software that are tailored to their specific industry or sector within a wider industry. In short, it allows various teams within a company such as marketing, sales, IT and others to come together in one place and organize their workflow better and ensure their clients are happy.

Why Do We Need to Know About Salesforce?

As a popular --- in fact the #1 --- platform in the CRM sector, that should be reason enough to get to know it, but there are more reasons why knowledge of Salesforce is an absolute must for any growing company.

1. Keeping Up with Individual Customer Needs

In the early days of a business when you just have a handful of customers, it’s easy to keep track of everyone and ensure that they get the personalised treatment that they crave. They feel special, the work gets done and everyone is happy. As the business grows, and the number of customers also grows, it becomes harder to keep track of everyone’s needs, and an increasing challenge to communicate and delegate those needs to new staff members who weren’t there in the beginning.

Salesforce solves this issue by allowing every team member to access all the relevant details of a customer in one place. Even better, that information remains consistent since every team member is seeing it in the same place.

2. It Offers a Great ROI

Some people wonder about the expense of using Salesforce and training their staff in it, but all such expenses are quickly regained in the sheer ease and effectiveness that the system offers in CRM. It’s much easier and cheaper to retain customers than it is to find new ones, after all. The better CRM you have, the more likely you are to retain those customers.

3. Your Team Members Can Become Valuable Specialists

Far from just learning about how the CRM features of Salesforce work, users can also become valuable certified employees in the management and technical side of the software. Certifications include those for platform developers, technical architects, app builders, marketers and more. These skills will enrich your team and spill over to greater benefit in your wider development strategy. Skills are like gold dust, after all.

4. Better Job Prospects for the Individual

For those individuals who learn the ins and outs of Salesforce, new job opportunities await and indeed an entire career if one also masters some of the certifications that are on offer, because more and more businesses rely on CRM. It’s not just specifically Salesforce that one is learning about, but also more widely about the importance of CRM, building effective CRM systems and how to implement them. That most fundamental knowledge and skill will be valuable for many years to come.

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