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The end of the financial year is almost upon us and with that comes a key sales moment, but how can your business smash their EOFY targets during such a busy period? Afterpay has released its new Consumer Insight Report, designed to provide tips and tactics to Aussie businesses this EOFY by providing insights into Aussies shopping behaviors to help local companies successfully navigate this key calendar moment.

The early bird gets the early deals

As we’re heading into the middle of winter, there’s no time to hibernate. According to Afterpay, shoppers in 2022 were 50% more likely to research deals before the sales kick off. In order to maximise shoppers’ forward planning, businesses should send their deals out early or at least prime customers with a sneak peak of what they can expect. Afterpay also found that almost a third (30%) of Aussies are buying gifts in advance, so consider gifting loved ones as a call to action. Don’t forget to spotlight popular products that shoppers can buy for others on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or celebrations.

Millennials are in the spotlight

With more than two in  five (43%) Aussie Millennials shopping EOFY sales, Afterpay knows millennials love EOFY sales. . When it comes to marketing, make sure you’re communicating on platforms often used by Millennials and consider content that resonate with them including nostalgia and 90’s references. Also keep in mind their stage of life, as some Millennials are entering their new parent era.

Aussies are looking for deals that are worth it

With the cost of living continuing to rise, Aussies are feeling the financial pressures. Unsurprisingly, over half (57%) of Aussie shoppers are looking for value for money and more than four in five (84%) Aussies love a fixed discount. hen focusing on how to market your brand and products, businesses should convey the value and benefits that their products can bring to their customers. Furthermore, focusing on solid discounts for the stock you want to move is a surefire strategy. However, don’t limit your sales to just that as you can sweeten the deal with freebies or loyalty points to help get stocks moving. 

For more information and tips on how to smash your EOFY goals this year, check out the full report here:

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