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Why use fixed vs. removable bollards

One of the key aspects that any property owner must consider is access and security. You could be running a small, big business or managing a residential property. Here, you need to keep vehicles off from the restricted areas and ensure that only a few designated ones have access. Removable bollards are quite popular in such areas and work perfectly in controlling traffic. On the other hand, fixed bollards are used in areas with busy traffic and along the highways. They are made of strong and durable materials and are fixed permanently below the surface.

Removable bollards

When you are thinking about accessibility in a building, you need to ask yourself how convenient will it be for your customers and tenants to access and leave the building. Think about the pedestrians’ sidewalks, areas of refuge, crosswalks and such. Many sites like utility areas, shipping docs, road maintenance and such require an advanced level of security. Pedestrian areas, open spaces where families can relax are also areas that need control. Keeping unauthorized vehicles here is a way of ensuring safety and security.

Access control bollards

These are used to control and prevent vehicle entry in busy areas and buildings and therefore allowing pedestrians to walk freely. These types of bollards are less intrusive when installing; you only require some minor excavation. With a reliable bollard company like Steelmark, the cost of your bollard and fixings are also low and therefore making them quite favorable to many property owners.

Ideally, access requirements in a building or a secluded area keep changing and therefore fixed bollards may not apply under such circumstances. Sometimes, you need to limit access to a building for one to two days or even months maybe for maintenance. You will only need to fix these ones and afterward remove to allow ordinary traffic flow.

Removable bollards are perfect for lane access

Sometimes you want to restrict the movement of vehicles but you still need access for emergency or maintenance vehicles. With removable bollards, it will be easy to move them and allow such to get through. This is not possible with fixed bollards.

Perfect during community events

It could be that public gathering in the stadium or any other space. You need to control vehicles and human traffic. Installing fixed bollards will be a waste of time and resources because you only need them for a limited time- sometimes hours. Thus, removable bollards will be used and removed after the event.

Fixed bollards

Unlike the removable bollards, fixed bollards are permanently fixed they can either be sunk below the surface or fitted with concrete using bolts. These are usually used in high-security areas. They are perfect for directing traffic; it’s a visual guide for drivers and they help discourage impact crashes for structures and pedestrians. They define pedestrian crossways and walkways; the space between them allows for the flow of controlled traffic while preventing vehicles from intruding. Fixed bollards can also enhance the aesthetics of architectural space with some uniquely ornamented to complement the modern style.

Both fixed and removable bollards are useful in controlling traffic and restricting areas of interest. For the best quality of these, look for a reputable supplier, who will ensure that you get the best at an affordable fee.