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10 Surprising Solar Energy Facts

For billions of years, the Sun has been shining. But the humans very lately got aware of the fact that solar energy has fascinating uses. You may have heard the buzz about how solar energy is cutting off the bills through solar panels. You surely know that solar energy is eco-friendly. These are just the basic facts. There is more to it than you think!

Let these 10 facts surprise you with their mind boggling details.

The most abundant source of energy, Solar Power!

Our Earth is hitting off with solar energy in abundance. The solar energy continuously striking on the Earth in 173,000 terawatts. Yes, you read it right! It is almost 10 times greater than the total energy of the world.

No pollution, no diseases!

Solar energy is the most sustainable and cleanest resource in the world. No noise pollution, no carbon emissions. A better life quality by reducing 100 tons of harmful emissions.

Cheaper than those Fossil Fuels

Our sun is the most reasonable natural source, just 4.3 cents per kWh. How sustainable! The option cheaper before solar energy was the natural gas option from fossil fuels.

Solar Power: California is the star but China is the leader!

US gained all the attention using solar energy when they installed a new solar system of 12.4 GW. But you know that China, the leader of technology, in only half a year installed 24.4 GW of solar systems.

Wind, Water or Solar power. Which is leading?

Although, the cheapest energy source is the water we don’t want more damage to our environment. Wind turbines, why do you think noise pollution is increasing? So why not avail the versatile and flexible solar energy.

Look around, there may be a solar panel

A lot of attention is gained by solar panels as they store those sunbeams and provide power. Interesting fact! The number of solar panels in California is in such a big number that they provide electricity to almost 3.7 million homes. Did jaw drop?

Solar options for people

You’re in a rush to reduce your bills and your country will take time in installing solar panels. Here’s an impressive fact, you can also have you own solar panel on your rooftop to generate your own home electricity. Easy Solar provides installation of a range of solar panels.

Solar Powered Aircraft

It’s true! The working for solar power aircraft has already been started by NASA. The efforts are in process to use solar power for flights at higher altitude.

Nuclear Fusion produce Solar Energy

If you have ever been present in your physics class, you must have heard about nuclear fission and fusion processes. The reaction of nuclear fusion is exactly the same as power generation from the Sun.

The Sun powers your calculator

You need to tally all your calculations all you want is a calculator. The fact is that calculators are now powered by Sun without any battery or cell.

Gear uptight, these facts must have blown up your mind!