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7 Key Features to Consider When Purchasing a Commercial Refrigerator

When it comes to making sure that your commercial kitchen has everything that you need, you will want to make absolutely sure that any appliances within the kitchen are working as they should. If you plan on buying new appliances for your kitchen, you will want to give some hard thought to what exactly you will want from those appliances.

For example, if you are planning on purchasing a refrigerator, there are going to be a handful of aspects that you will want to check out. Here are a few examples of what you will want to pay the most attention to.

1. Consider the Energy Efficiency and Insulation

As most people know, one of the most important things that a fridge does is keep food and food ingredients cold. It is going to take significantly more energy to do this if the fridge doesn’t have proper insulation. This means that your kitchen’s power bills are going to be increasing dramatically, as your fridge has to work harder than normal to keep your food cold. Nobody wants this to happen. On the other hand, having a fridge that is energy efficient and well insulated means that it will take less energy for the fridge to reach the optimal temperature for its contents. This means that you will be able to save money on the energy bills, allowing you to put that money towards other aspects of benefitting your kitchen.

2. Consider the Climate Rating

Similarly, you are also going to want to make sure that you look at the climate rating for the fridge. What this means is that the fridge will need to be matched up to the immediate temperature and condition of the room that it is in so that it can effectively keep its contents sufficiently cool. Thankfully, there are climate class ratings that can make this process a little bit easier if you are purchasing a commercial fridge for sale. By making sure that your fridge has the proper climate rating, you can make sure that it will be cooling the contents sufficiently without using up too much power or other resources.

3. Consider the Fridge Doors

A lot of people don’t pay much thought to the doors of a fridge. After all, there isn’t really much to think about when it comes to fridge doors, is there? The truth is that there are certain types of doors that are going to be better for a commercial setting than others. This biggest example of this is going to be with self-closing doors. Many people consider this a must-have for commercial fridges. As the name might suggest, these doors are designed to close as soon as someone stops keeping the door open. Whether this ensures that employees don’t leave the door open while tending to a customer or this helps make sure that the contents inside of the fridge are not exposed to hot air outside, there are many reasons why people consider this aspect to be crucial for any commercial fridge.

4. Consider Automatic Defrosting

Most fridges also have freezers attached to them, and freezers do what they do best: freeze. Unfortunately, this has the tendency to mean that they freeze any and all moisture in the air, causing it to ice over the freezer portion of the fridge. This ice can take up space and it can be tough to remove at times. When your fridge has an automatic defrosting system, you can rest assured knowing that there isn’t going to be any more misplaced ice in your fridge and freezer. Instead, you will have as much room as possible for all of the foods that belong in the fridge.

5. Consider the Organisation

Another important aspect to consider, especially with commercial fridges, is that there is going to be a lot of food to handle, and it is going to be moved around a lot. Because of this, it is going to be incredibly important that you make sure that your fridge and freezer are properly organised and that it stays that way. There are plenty of different ways that you can work on organisation so that you won’t have to worry about putting foods back in the wrong place again. With a fridge that has good organisation aspects to it, this process will be even easier for everyone all around.

6. Consider the Size

Most people can agree that commercial environments, especially ones that deal with large populations of people, are going to need a lot of space. This also applies to any products that you would be offering to the people, including the food that you make. When you are picking out a commercial fridge for your business, you are always going to want to check the capacity and make sure that it can accommodate your needs. There is nothing worse than a fridge that is too small for everything you need to put inside of it, making it all the more important to consider a sizeable fridge.

7. Consider the Construction

Last, but most certainly not least, you are going to want to pay attention to the construction of the fridge. This is always going to be an important aspect to consider. It is rare that your fridge would run into a situation where it could become physically damaged, but in the case that something does happen, it is going to be crucial that the fridge can stand up to it and protect the food and food products within it.

The next time you’re looking to purchase a commercial refrigerator, bear in mind these handy tips and you’ll be on your way to finding the right commercial refrigerator for your business.