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Reasons to Use Print Management Software

New to MFPs and Print Management Solutions? You may be missing out on a huge amount of resource savings if you keep your old single-function printers, copiers, fax machines, and scanners. A multifunction printer combines all these devices and much more in one practical package. However, multitasking is not the only benefit that managed printing solutions offer businesses. There are significant cost savings, better security, less waste, increased productivity, and support for multiple thinking and thinking devices. We share these key benefits for implementing a complete print management solution in a corporate environment:

Significant cost savings - Cost savings for managed Advanced Print Scan Solutions services come in the form of reduced print costs because you can create rules and parameters to help you avoid costly and potentially wasteful print jobs. Giving your employees a free hand on documents they could print in color can surely increase their printing costs. With a print management solution, you can program the software to trigger pop-up prompts and notify users of alternative options that can help you reduce printing costs, such as: For example, avoiding simple printing, reducing color copies, etc., saving hundreds, if not thousands, of expensive supplies of paper and toner.

Waste reduction: In addition to significant cost savings, you can also avoid wasting supplies by releasing documents only when the user is physically ready to receive the document in the copy room. This effectively eliminates forgotten print jobs while preventing confidential documents from falling into the wrong hands.

Restricted access - Print management solutions ensure secure access to corporate-compliant devices when it comes to document security. Only authorized personnel can use their machines and provide the organization with a specific audit trail for activities. of the users.

Increased productivity - With a print management solution, you can digitize your workflow while increasing productivity with one-click scan management tools that allow users to send their documents directly to predefined locations or their email.

BYOD support: Modern print management solutions are also compatible with today's Bring Your Own Device office culture, so users can safely print from their smart devices, phones and tablets to others. Printable devices by uploading your print jobs to a website or email. This allows for better mobility and productivity.

Help ensure compliance with the Print-to-Mail law

Ensure that the email process uses personal identification in accordance with federal and industry laws. Entrepreneurs include typical components for generating an efficient and controlled mail system with first-class mail technology and a compatible strategy throughout the entire mail process. With a printing system, you can print data on each page and scan each printed part to implement tracking and achieve high-precision communication throughout the process.