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What Are the Top 5 Strategic Technology Trends in 2020

If there is something evolving at a very high speed, then it has to be technology. Every year there seem to be new trends that you need to keep up with. For instance, technology makes it possible for punters to stake with their 1xbet promo code directly from their mobile phones. After you rake in the rewards that come with the welcome bonus the house offers you more 1Xbet promotions. Technological advancements have also transformed businesses, communication, and how manufacturing companies operate. Here are some of the trends that you need to watch out in 2020:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence means; computer systems built to perform tasks that were previously done by only human beings. Such tasks include recognizing patterns or speech, images, or even making decisions. The most amazing thing is that AI can perform these tasks faster and be even more accurate than human beings.

AI services are mostly automated. The services include streaming, navigation apps, home personal assistants, and smart home devices. As much as work is made easier, it also means that people might lose their jobs. More jobs will be lost, as some will be created according to experts. Jobs that might be created are in the programming, development, testing, support, and maintenance fields.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a subset of AI. Computers are programmed in such a way that they learn what they were not programmed to do. Learning here is by finding out about insights and patterns from data.

Machine Learning is rapidly being used in different kinds of industries. It poses a great demand for skilled people. Its market is set to grow to $8.81 billion by 2022. The applications for machine learning can be used for mining data, recognizing patterns, and data analytics. It is also used to run real-time ads, search results on the web, and detecting whether there is an intrusion of the network.

On the more positive side, Machine Learning is creating employment. Machine Learning jobs rank amongst the top emerging jobs on LinkedIn. Some of the jobs include those of developers, researchers, engineers, and data scientists.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is the use of software to automate business processes such as processing transactions, replying to emails, dealing with data, and interpreting applications. By automating these services, it means that some people will have to lose their jobs. All in all, RPA is also creating jobs such as project manager, solution architect, developer, consultant, and business analyst.

Edge Computing

Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure have been major players with Edge Computing. Edge computing can be used to process data in remote locations with little or no connectivity to a centralized location. As the use of the Internet of Things devices increases, Edge Computing will also increase. It means that there will be more jobs, especially for software engineers.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality puts the user in an environment while Augmented Reality enhances their environment. Most of the time, VR has been used for gaming. It is also used for training. An example is a simulation software used to train the U.S Army, Navy, and Coast Guard ship captains. The software is known as

VirtualShip. An example of Augmented Reality is the Pokemon Go.

The VR and AR can be used in marketing, education, entertainment, training, and also during rehabilitation after an injury. They can both be used to train doctors on how to perform a surgery, to enhance themes of parks, and also marketing.

The major players in the VR market include Oculus, Google, and Samsung. More jobs will come up, and if you are interested, you need to have basic programming skills and a mindset that is thinking forward. Other employers will be looking for hardware engineers.