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5 Common Myths About Land Surveying Debunked

When it comes to the buying and selling of property and land, there are a few misconceptions that are doing the rounds in relation to land surveying. If you don’t check out what is actually the truth, then you could find yourself making a very expensive mistake. To make sure that you fully understand the requirements that a land surveyor in Melbourne has to fulfil, it is important to look at debunking some of these myths.

Myth Number 1

The land was surveyed when the property was first bought therefore there is no need for a second survey. If a town planning consultant had ten dollars every time that was quoted to them, they would be getting ready to retire early on the proceeds. The truth is that in terms of surveys, two different surveyors could come up with slightly different survey results. Plus, there might have been some slight encroachment on the land by a neighbour without you realising it, so getting a survey carried out is very important.

Myth Number 2

The fence has been there for years so it has to have been on my boundary line. First of all, how do you know that the fence was erected on the original boundary line because it may have been put up by a previous owner who encroached on the neighbour’s property? The truth of the matter could be that particularly old fences, over several decades, may have been erected there because that is where the previous owner thought the approximate boundary was placed. Records may not exist to substantiate your claim but having a qualified land surveyor in Melbourne carry out a survey, will qualify your claim. Local land surveying companies will know their neighbourhoods’ and recognise the types of fencing put up that could cause them to question the boundary line, so follow their guidance and get a survey completed.

Myth Number 3

The original survey stakes are there so there is no need for another survey. The property may still have post holders or boundary lines and walls intact, but this should not be taken as accurate nor an indication of your property line. All it does tell you is what the original surveyor used to determine the location of the end of the property and you don’t know whether this is accurate or not. By using the services of a local town planning consultant who is experienced and knowledgeable in the local area including different zones and plans, you can get an accurate picture of your property.

Myth Number 4

It is my land that I am building on so why do I need a land survey? This is where one of the costliest mistakes can be made, because if you build or remodel your existing building and it encroaches on your neighbour’s property, you can be made to take it all down. Land disputes are more common than you think and the biggest form of dispute between neighbours. Fortunately, if you call in the services of a professional surveyor who can carry out the required checks and survey, if it came to a court case, your surveyor would be able to assist you in upholding a claim. Before carrying out any remodelling or building work particularly near to the neighbouring boundary or if you want to alter the access to the property, it is important you get a land survey completed.

Myth Number 5

It’s too expensive to get a survey done so I will use the survey paperwork from the last time it was done. First of all, it could be that the land was surveyed many years ago and the company that did that survey may well not be in business any longer. Remember if you had to defend a legal challenge you would want to be using an up to date survey with a firm who are still operating in the area. Secondly, you would need to know that the original survey was an accurate one and it could have been 20 or 30 years ago when this was carried out and it may not have been accurate. Land surveyors today have access to much more information, aerial photography, documentation, accurate surveying tools than their predecessors ever had. If you are looking for a financial loan, then the banks or lenders may well not be happy with an older survey and deem it necessary for you to have another one carried out. The planning department or your neighbour might well question the accuracy of that original survey, so it is time to make sure you have peace of mind and get another one carried out.

Balancing the cost of a land survey which is not an expensive outlay, against a possible court case or legal dispute is a no brainer – so book to speak to your land surveyor in Melbourne today.