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6 Innovative Technologies Shaping NZ and Australian Gaming Industries

The gaming industry in Australasia continues to thrive in the backdrop of growing interest from the population. In New Zealand, a 2019 survey shows 94 per cent of people above 18 years had participated in a gaming activity the previous year. On the other hand, 68 per cent of Australians play interactive games.

From recent industry reports, the region’s gaming industry’s revenue continues growing. Behind this boom in gaming is new technology. New innovations have eased access to games while also making it cheaper to develop gaming hardware and software. Here’s a brief overview of the new technology driving the gaming industry in these countries.

Mobile Gaming

Most people now go online through their smartphones and tablets. The gaming industry has had to adapt fast to offer mobile-friendly products. This race to deliver a mobile-first experience for gamers has seen a boom in mobile gaming across all sectors.

From video gaming, mobile casino games to mobile apps, gamers can now access their favourite games on the go. The improved graphics capabilities, more powerful and faster smartphone processors now make it easy to play action-packed games.

Casino Gaming Technology

Advances in technology have also impacted the casino industry. The most popular casino platforms, including Wildz Casino NZ are readily available even on mobile. From live casino games, high-quality mobile video slots to table games, this sector now leverages cutting-edge technology. Leading developers, including Microgaming, NetEnt, QuickSpin, and Red Tiger deliver sophisticated software and games to drive growth in the industry. These innovations continue shaping the region’s gambling industry and is expected to see further growth in the coming years.

5G Gaming Revolution

The biggest topic in the Australasia IT industry and across the globe has been 5G technology. The debate won’t just go away, and there’s palpable excitement across many industries. 5G technology promises a faster internet experience which will greatly impact online gaming.

With the rollout already ongoing in the country, gamers can now look forward to a better gaming experience. The country already boasts some of the fastest internet speeds, but with 5G promising speed and bandwidth, gamers are in for a revolutionary experience.

Virtual Reality (VR)

There’s a lot of hype around virtual reality (VR) in gaming. This technology promises to tantalise gamers through a fully immersive experience. There’s a race to develop VR hardware with big companies investing billions in this technology.

Players in New Zealand can now access top hardware such as Oculus Quest, Windows Mixed Reality headsets Oculus Rift S, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR, and Valve Index to enjoy the coolest VR games. The gaming industry has admitted it’s yet to unlock the full potential in VR and gamers can expect more exciting innovations around this technology.

Cloud Gaming

With Vodafone already rolling out 5G in different areas, cloud gaming is already dominating talk in the gaming industry. Cloud gaming is set to grow at a rate of 42 per cent from 2019-2025.

With more players looking to play on the go, it was only a matter of time before game streaming became a big trend. With the advances in cloud technology, it’s now possible for players to enjoy their favourite console games straight on their mobile devices. Cloud gaming allows better connections and access to the internet and games at any time. With no latency, 5G will boost on-demand or gaming-as-a-service.

Gesture Control

Gesture control promises to transform gaming. With a few waves of your hand, it’s now possible to interact with your gaming device. This technology can supplant remote controls and other handheld devices and make gaming more exciting. Motion-controlled gaming systems are the future of gaming. They offer a more intuitive way to play games. Using the natural movements of your body to control a video game is the next big technology in this industry.

Final Thoughts

Gaming is dynamic and these technologies are set to continue changing the industry in Australasia. For gamers in Australia and New Zealand, this is good news as it means faster games, immersive experiences, affordable gaming, and cooler.