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Reasons Why You Need Proxies For Ticketmaster

Whether you plan on getting a ticket for the next Beyoncé concert or the coming football game, Ticketmaster is one of the best hub spots to score the ticket to your favorite entertainment. But the thing about the website is that when it comes to proxies, they won’t work, at least not the free and the shared proxies.

The reason being, the company is very aggressive when it comes to bots buying their tickets. Therefore you will need to be smart. The only proxies that do work for sites like Ticketmaster are rotating proxies. Because of the constantly changing state, they are hard to detect by the website servers, thus increasing your chances of scoring the tickets to your favorite game. Here are a few of the other reasons which suggest why you need rotating ticket proxies for Ticketmaster. 

1. Automatic Service

The thing that makes rotating proxies a popular choice among users is that one doesn’t manually need to operate them. All you need to do is insert hundreds of proxies at a time into your application and run it once. Check up every hour to see if any of the proxies are banned. If yes, then update them using your reserves, and you will be good to go.

2. Fewer Chances Of Getting Banned

Rotating proxies provided by your service provider are most likely virgins, which means that they have never been used. Since they are used infrequently and inconsistently, therefore there are fewer chances of them being detected by the servers.

3. Hard to Detect

Rotating proxies are most likely to be residential IPs. This means that they appear to be linked to someone’s home and come with different identification numbers, which are in no way linked to the data center IPs. Sites like Ticketmaster consider residential IPs to be less riskier, which is why they are less likely to ban them as they appear human to the servers detecting bots.

4. Slower Speed

Based on experience, rotating proxies are slower than data center proxies. Imagine using proxies with the same identification number requesting 500 tickets at a time. Seems convenient but at the same time also raises red flags as soon as the order is placed.

On the other hand, rotation proxies work slower. Instead of ordering 500, order a lower quantity. Also, rotating proxies come with a lower ping speed, which makes them appear more natural. It will definitely save you the hassle of explaining to your proxy provider why your IPs keep getting banned.


Whether you wish to score tickets for personal reasons or for business reasons, you need to be extra careful when it comes to using automated bots and proxies with sites like Ticketmaster. In most cases, your proxies will be banned immediately, but in others, you might have to face legal charges if you get caught doing so. So, extra vigilance always comes in handy, which is why we suggest that you go with rotating ticket proxies.