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Get Advantage of Electronic Signature

Banking technology has made great strides over the past decade. The average time to sign a document has been reduced by 194 times! Previously, it took about 5 working days to agree on a contract or agreement, but now, this procedure takes no more than 40 minutes on average. This has become possible thanks to the introduction of an electronic signature by companies. It became an essential tool of the modernization process.

Why Should You Use It?

The concept of an electronic signature is not new - it was invented back in the middle of the 19th century, but its active use in large companies started at the beginning of the 21st century because it goes hand in hand with contract tracking softwares.The technology immediately spread around the globe and attracted many world jurisdictions. At the moment, an electronic signature is officially regulated as a means of document confirmation in 37 countries of the world, including:

Costa Rica
The UK
The United States

An electronic signature has full legal force. This way, any documents become official and legally binding.

Main Benefits

E-signature is a digital variant of confirming documents, and it has several advantages over a handwritten one:

Speeding up the workflow. You do not have to fly hours just to validate a contract. Just open the document on any mobile or desktop device and confirm it with your signature.

Saving money. There is no need to buy tons of paper every month. Also, you do not have to scan or print the files.

Reducing paper usage. There is no need to cut down forests for paper. Everything is in digital format.

Increasing safety. An electronic signature is almost impossible to forge, unlike a handwritten one. All documents with your signature are reliably protected. No one can see or use them without your knowledge.

Reliable Supplier

If you decided to supply your company with an electronic signature, it is important to choose a reliable provider for it.

SignNow is a reputable awarded company that provides an electronic signature for over a decade now. Currently, it cooperates with 40 world-famous companies, and it has over 20 million customers worldwide, such as

European Wax Center
Colliers international
Tutor Perini
Balfour Beatty
CBS Sports

The quality of the software is confirmed by a range of prestigious rewards:

Top 50 products for sale 2019
Enterprise top 25 software 2016
Leader fall best software awards 2020
Leader winter 2021

Year after year, the company is expanding and increasing the number of satisfied customers, adhering to quality standards.

How to Make It?

There are several ways to attach your signature to an electronic file:

1. Scan your handwritten signature and download it to the program

2. Write it with the help of a mouse, stylus, or finger on the touchpad

3. Type your name or initials on the keyboard and choose a suitable font

Then, you may upload this signature to any file you need. Just follow the easy steps below:

1. Open the necessary file on your device

2. Fill in all the necessary input fields

3. Find signature spaces on the document

4. Click the «Add» button to attach your signature

5. Check thoroughly all the entered data

6. Click the «Done» button

SignNow makes it comfortable and easy to confirm agreements from wherever you are. The program works perfectly on any device (Android, iOS, Windows). Thus the signing procedure will pass in a matter of minutes even on the go.

Worthy Adversary

SignNow is highly valued among customers. It has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 on the well-known reviewers such as Capterra, G2, and Trustpilot. The most attractive points for users are pricing, the quality of service, and a range of features. Let`s consider them in particular.

Quality. SignNow thoroughly protects all personal data of customers. Innovative encrypting technology ciphers all the important information you`ve entered and sends it directly to the server. Thus, no one can use or change it.

You may always track the history of your document and get notifications when your partner or customer signs it. No one can read, use, or sign the file with your signature on it without your knowledge. You will be immediately warned by mobile/desktop notification.

Pricing. SignNow offers 3 layers of pricing: Business plan, Business Premium plan, and Enterprise plan. The first costs $8 per user per month, the second - $15, and the third - $30. Even the cheapest plan can satisfy all the basic business requirements. If you need more exclusive features, choose the Business Premium or the Enterprise. If you cannot decide for sure, then get use of a 7-day free trial. There, you can expand all the features and decide on the most suitable plan for your business.

For comparison, approximately the same set of basic features from other providers costs from $10 to $25 on average.

Features. SignNow has 26 different features in total. Thirteen of them are available in the cheapest, Business plan, and 17 ­ in the Business Premium. Here are some:

A bulk invite feature allows you to send files to multiple receivers at once
Unbounded number of templates
Cloud archiving
Exclusive branding marks
History tracking
Around-the-clock customer support
Convenient mobile application
Sharing files within your team(s)
Automatic reminders
Payment including option
Changeable fields

Thus, SignNow is a trustworthy platform with a wide range of services with smart pricing. It will suit both small lead-off companies and world-famous enterprises.


E-signing technology is a powerful modernization tool. It can significantly increase your business scope and attract more customers worldwide. If you haven’t tried this technology before, then you should definitely do it now!

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