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Can you Work from Home with Only your Phone?

In the early days of the digital world, working from home was a privilege, mostly available only to very wealthy people. As time went on, and as digitization progressed, it became possible not only to work from home but to do so with nothing but your smartphone.

Generally, there are three main advantages when working from home, or remotely in general:

  1. Greater flexibility
  2. Lower costs
  3. Increased income potential

Additionally, with the evolution of digitalization and the global pandemic combined, working from home became the new normal.  It’s amazing how far technology has come. Not only can you work from home on your PC, now you can as easily work with nothing but your smartphone.

Although not all online jobs can be done in this way, the number of possibilities is increasing daily. From promotional workers and marketers to salespeople and customer support, new apps are allowing us to make a carrier with a device our parents warned us about.

Working from Home in 2021

With the global pandemic that hit all of us in some way, there has been an enormous shift from the traditional way of working. From the normal way of working and living lives to a total lockdown of the world and “stay at home” order.

It can be said with certainty that due to COVID-19 we were introduced to a way of “working from home” on a whole other level. As the situation escalated, people who lost their jobs or didn’t know how to work from home discovered new career paths and jobs.

With a combination of tips from work from home blogs and online platforms that offer remote jobs that have a number of positions that are perfectly convenient for working over a smartphone, not only you will find a large number of jobs to do from home, but the advantages of this kind of work will also become enormous.

First and foremost, you have flexible work hours. Also, you are not tied to your home. You can be at any location that you desire. Additionally, you can avoid gossiping and nagging from your co-workers that happens in traditional work settings.

Also, who doesn’t want to save some money?

In traditional jobs, you have to spend a good amount of money daily on food and transport - whether it’s a bus ticket, train ticket, or fuel for your car. At home, you don’t have those kinds of expenses. You can save a good amount of money by going to the store and preparing food.

Jobs that you can do with your Phone

There has been a lot of discussion about how smartphones are basically brainwashing us. And yes there is a lot of truth to that. But it is undeniable that we have come to a time where everyone owns a smartphone. How we cannot imagine not having one.

It helps us in a lot of ways. From having the ability to be in touch with our loved ones even if they are thousands of miles away, to having fun playing games, listening to music, availability of researching and learning whenever and whatever we want, etc.

Now we can also work and make living out of owning one. Here are some of the jobs you can do:

  1. Survey taker
  2. App tester
  3. Language tutor
  4. Task taker
  5. Social media influencer

Regarding the last mentioned job. Now you don’t have to be an actor or a reality TV star in order to be famous. You can just record your day-to-day life or take pictures of yourself and post it on any social media platform where people will like and support you as a creator and you can make a fine amount of money.

Thankfully, there are a lot of excellent productivity apps for Android and iOS that will help you when working on your smartphone.

Jobs that you Can Not do with your Phone

Although there are a handful of jobs you can do with your phone there are some that are not physically possible.

Good examples of these are in the IT sectors, as well as web designers and digital video productions. All these jobs require a device with infinitely larger space, a larger screen, and a whole lot of options that the phone simply doesn’t have.

Advantages and Downsides of Working with your Phone

The first and most obvious advantage when working with your phone is the ability to work from anywhere in the world. No one goes out anywhere without a phone these days anyway.

So whenever you are in need of some extra cash you will always know you have the opportunity to simply take the phone out of your pocket and start working.


While there are a lot of good things that come from working and simply owning a smartphone, there are some downsides as well.

Although it’s very easy to transport something that is the size of your pocket, it is not healthy for the eyes to strain because the device is too small. Another inconvenience is that a smartphone’s not as big as a PC or a laptop, therefore it’s not as readable.

With that being said, whether you work from your PC, laptop or smartphone it’s good to buy some screen glasses to protect your eyesight as much you can.
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