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The diaphragm oxygen compressors by PDC machines are the preferred choice when leak tight, contamination free oxygen compression is required. Their oxygen compressors are designed to afford you high reliability, high quality, low maintenance and extended service intervals. The users of PDC machines have reported up to 40, 000 hours without replacement of any parts required except for oil changes.Oxygen compressors are manufactured by PDC machines for large industrial applications. Based upon their extensive experience in compressor technology and state-of-the-art engineering and capabilities in manufacturing, they work with their customers to provide optimum solutions to satisfy the need for oxygen gas compression.

PDC machines have been providing both custom-designed and oxygen compressors since 1977 with a comprehensive assortment of options.They furnish a wide range of equipment from basic units to turnkey, skid mounted and computer control system.

For oxygen, fluorine and other highly reactive gases compression, PDC machines perform procedures of rigorous cleaning in a dust free, clean environment. They use fire resistant oil for hydraulic system. They construct the process of diaphragm as well as the outer and inner cheek from materials compatible to fluorine oxygen and other highly reactive gases. Detailed cleaning records are maintained. The compressor is Oxygen cleaned per PDC machines and customer specifications. It is installed in hazardous area classification.

The Diaphragm Oxygen Compressors Have Following Features -

Enhanced diaphragm life

State-of-the-art manufacturing

Automatic unloading system

Hydraulic oil system

High product purity

Environmental safe

Corrosion resistant wetted materials

Safety Interlocks

Low energy costs

Typical Applications Include -

Cylinder filling compressor with Oxygen gas and bulk Storage tank

Filling and off loading Oxygen gas from tube trailers

Recycling, blending and mixing of Oxygen gas

Oxygen gas for welding and cutting of metals

Oxygen feedstock for petrochemical chemical and pharmaceutical industries

Oxygen gas for Pulp paper and glass manufacturing industries

Oxygen gas for oxidation and refining of metals process in the chemical industry

High pressure compression boosting and storage of Oxygen gas

Oxygen for diving and medical health care services

PDC machines have been manufacturing industrial diaphragm gas compressors since 1977 and their diagram compressors are the preferred choice for any application where leak tight and high purity gas compression is required. They have developed an extensive line of basic diagram compressors and fully automated turnkey diaphragm process gas compressor systems with installations located around the world.

They design basic to fully instrumented non contaminating, leak free reciprocating diaphragm gas compression systems in accordance with customer specifications and API 618 with some exceptions /deviations.

Why To Choose Pdc Machines Diaphragm Compressors ?

Non contaminating gas compression

High compression ratio

Safe compression of corrosive gases

Environmental safe

Extended and superior diaphragm life

Low maintenance

High discharge pressure

Variable suction pressure

Unique oil distribution system

Automatic unloading system

Fast acting leak detection system

Safety Interlocks

Quiet operation

Lower energy costs

International standards compliance

ISO 9001 quality management

Components Of Diaphragm Compressor-

Oil regulating valve

Priming pump

Injection pump

Cavity design

Process head

Triple diaphragm construction

Process contacting seals

Leak detection system

Process inlet and outlet check valves

Automatic unloading system

Hydraulic oil system

Safety interlocks

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