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These days the world runs on devices, there is a device for everything, and almost everyone has a device! Just the large number of devices currently in use by various industrial applications like public facilities, manufacturing automation, and transportation would have formerly required thousands of kilometres of cabling, which can lead to a big tangled mess no matter what great lengths are taken to prevent it from happening! If you ever leave your desktop devices alone over the weekend, you can be sure that come Monday the cables have magically entwined themselves around each other like a nest of snakes! Even the scientists haven't quite figured the phenomenon out yet, but the end result is lost time and money getting them all sorted out again!

Fortunately, it need not be that way any longer, advances in technology have brought us to the point where inconvenient and twisty cables are becoming a thing of the past, and cable-free solutions like the PoE switch are making life much easier for device users all around the globe!

So, just what exactly is a PoE Switch? PoE stands for "Power over Ethernet". When this amazing network switch is connected up with multiple devices it is able to provide power and data transfer for all of them over just one Ethernet cable, all at the same time! This means that every device no longer requires its own single cable, greatly reducing the cable clutter. This makes life a lot simpler and saves you money since all that cabling is no longer necessary!

The PoE switch is very versatile and provides many advantages including:

Cost Efficiency - Users don't need to purchase and install additional electrical outlets and wiring when they use a PoE network switch, which means big savings on maintenance and installation costs.

Flexibility -  Your equipment can now be installed wherever you need it to go because the demands for additional electrical wiring cease to be an issue as the PoE switch supplies power via the Ethernet cable. The combination of wireless technology and the PoE creates a nearly cable-free environment so you can say goodbye to the snake nest!

Reliability - Rather than having to connect to a collection of distributed wall adapters, PoE power comes from a central, compatible source. Couple it with an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) as a backup and you will have a very robust system that can weather all kinds of weather! Simplicity is reliability's best friend, and few things are simpler to manage than a PoE-based system.

The PoE switch is proving itself to be the preferred choice for connecting wireless APs, IP cameras, and VoIP phones. Wireless networks can be greatly enhanced by PoE technology's ability to provide both data and electricity over the same Ethernet cable, making it the less time-consuming and more economical solution.

The Australian Government's Department of Finance now uses PoE technology to help manage its data. We hope you now have a better understanding of the many advantages the PoE switch has to offer!

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