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Australia’s 5 Most Famous Landmarks

From most parts of the world, it takes a long time to reach Australia. However, once you get there, nothing is boring. The truth is there is something really special about the entire continent. There are so many incredible landmarks that you will surely love, with the following being the most famous, the ones that you should seriously consider visiting if you get the opportunity.

Kata Tjuta

This is actually the name of a series of really large ancient rock formations. They cover 12 miles in the beautiful Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. You can check out 36 rocks and the stunning Ayers Rock.

These rock formations are sandstone and specialists believe that they are around five hundred million years old. Mount Olga is the highest of the domes and Kata Tjuta is considered to be sacred to the Anangu people.

Sydney Opera House

For people that live in Sydney, there are other things that count, like having the number of a good plumber like They are used to the simply incredible Sydney Opera House. However, for tourists, it is a true sight to behold.

The structure was finished in 1973 and it quickly became a standout building for the entire world. Just think about the fact that the concrete structure is supported by even more use of concrete, including 588 pillars that are sunk below the water at a depth of 82 feet.

Cable Beach

Cable Beach is arguably the best beach in Australia. It covers 13 miles of white sand and is located in the Kimberly region of Western Australia. When you want to go sunbathing or beachcombing, this is one of the best possible spots.

To make matters even more interesting, Cable Beach is located between the Indian Ocean and red ochre cliffs. When you want to, you can go on a camel ride and the simple fact that you watch the sunset is an experience.

Great Barrier Reef

When you want to go scuba diving, there are not many locations that are as iconic as the Great Barrier Reef. It covers over 1,200 miles and stands out as the largest coral reef in the entire world. This reef is made out of 800 islands and 2,500 reefs. It was formed literally millions of years ago and you can even enjoy it if you love snorkeling.

Those that do not want to get in the water can rent a catamaran or a sailboat. Also, the Great Barrier Reef is actually visible from outer space, which is something that is incredible in itself.

Kings Canyon

This famous Australian landmark is located in the beautiful Northern Territory. It is awesome, even if it is not as deep as the more famous Grand Canyon. Even so, the scenery is spectacular. Put on your hiking shoes and check out the canyon, together with other Watarrka National Park spots. Just remember the fact that the canyon is a sacred site for the aboriginal people. This means that you can also enjoy a large dose of culture and history when you visit.