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How to save money on swimming pool costs

Owning a swimming pool can be expensive but with some careful planning, you can reduce the amount of money that you spend each year.

If you live in Sydney, the chances are that homes in your street will have inground swimming pools. For most of the year, a pool is a core part of people's lifestyle. The pool is where people have fun in the water, cook and enjoy a BBQ, or sit and relax. While owning a backyard or front yard or even an indoor swimming pool, is great, there are some negatives. One is maintenance.

Pools must be checked regularly for water quality and chemical balance. While not a hard task, it does require some effort to use the kits that test the chemical makeup of the water. That job is "too hard" for many people but that is often just in their mind. All pool owners can do a lot themselves if they spend some time to learn about how a pool operates and how to keep it in first class condition.

The first step is to establish a relationship with a reputable retailer of pool supplies and equipment like Maple Pools. A pool equipment supplier will explain the purpose of all of the parts and machinery that make a pool function correctly and perhaps more importantly, will pass on information about how to ensure that it is safe.

Apart from the potential for bacteria and dangerous chemicals to get into pool water, there is electricity.

Electricity runs pool pumps and lighting. While some use 12v., a lot is 240v., so care and attention to detail is vital.

Many people simply ring up a pool maintenance business and leave everything to them. At pool specialists, like Maple Pools, pool owners can source information on all of the systems that keep a pool going and actually buy replacement parts themselves so as to save costs when repairs or upgrades are needed. For example, many pool owners do not set up a pool heater straight away. with the high costs of a new pool, some elect to install the pool first and do some upgrades later. When the time comes, a pool parts supplier will often have the part an owner needs in stock and ready to install.

Pool suppliers do not just sell chemicals. They sell the heaters, pumps, filters, skim box components, cleaners and a whole lot more. Buying direct from a supplier is probably the smartest way for pool owners to save money.