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Four Simple Safety Tips for Lone Workers

If you’re wondering who they are, the term is self-explanatory. Lone workers are people who work on their own. Whether they are self-employed or work for someone but away from direct supervision, the term refers to people that work on their own. This means that they could get into somewhat dangerous situations quite easily with no way to reach out for help.

Four simple safety tips for lone workers

Some things that could help you out are as follows

Use the internet

Software like Simply Unified can help anyone keep track of you easily. This would ensure that someone trustworthy would know your location at all times and could come to your aid if something seems off. GPS tracking is one of the most helpful technologies to have ever been created, so if you might go somewhere alone to work, make sure someone knows your whereabouts and can diligently track you until you are safely back home.

Informing multiple people would make things even better for you, in case you need help.

Don’t just jump into things

Assess every situation before taking any steps. Make sure you don’t take unnecessary risks, like going somewhere dangerous with no one around just because you want to explore the place. Set boundaries for yourself and force yourself to follow them, because it’s better to be safe than sorry. Instead of having to reach out for help, try avoiding a situation that could get you into any kind of trouble entirely.

  • Stay away from any and all potentially unsafe situations.

  • Do a risk assessment to understand entirely the consequences that unnecessary actions could bring. Avoid risky situations at all times, unless it is absolutely required.

Remember your training

In every job of this sort, you get a handbook, or at least some kind of list, of safety guidelines that you are required to follow. In most cases, people are trained to work in these situations beforehand so that any sticky situations can be avoided. Make sure you take all of that training seriously, and remember the guidelines no matter what happens. People often think of these as routine procedures without actually paying much attention to what they are being told, but it’s one of the most important things to remember if you will be working alone.

Carry a personal alarm

These alarms are specifically deigned for situations where another person might need your assistance. Think of them as automatic pagers, they have certain triggers that are activated whenever you are in a potentially dangerous situation. It will alert someone to come help you, which is much more convenient than having to call someone up or find a way to contact them in the middle of a potentially life-threatening situation.

This may not seem like too important of a step but it is definitely something that has saved a lot of lives in the past, and still continues to do so. Remember to always carry it with you.