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Is love coming back "the old-fashioned way"?

Everyone has seen a romantic film at some point. Although depending on the period in which the film is set and the year in which it was released, it will be one way or another. The way they get to know each other, the courtship, the demonstrations of affection, and so on. Over the years they have become more explicit, showing sexuality more clearly and directly. More and more films show sex scenes, and even characters playing call girls and escorts in Asutralia. A clear example of this are popular series and films such as Sex Education, 365 Dni or You.

The world is constantly changing, mainly thanks to new technologies. Globalisation has made life easier, but above all it has interconnected everything, including people. It is now very easy to get to know others, even if they live in another country, and many practices and attitudes have been normalised as a result. There is little to surprise us that we have not already seen or expected.

In terms of current events, in the reality that we live in, Australia is also being stopped in its tracks with something never before expected. With more than 28,000 cases of Coronavirus infection and more than 900 deaths behind it, it is trying to recover from the second wave that has caused so much pain. In the meantime, after a break in people's lives and a rethinking of the way of life, it is when relationships gain new perspectives.

New normality

What no one expected to change was the whole situation because of the pandemic. COVID-19 has managed to change all routines. Accustomed to speed, work, responsibilities and so on. Like a pause in life, confinement, reducing freedoms, not being able to see those closest to us. Something for which many were not prepared and which has influenced everyone's existence.

Now it seems that progress is being made and all efforts have brought the "new normal" very close. But the risk of contagion still exists, so despite being able to have more freedom of movement, it is necessary to take certain precautions.

Social distancing, greeting with elbow bumps, avoiding sexual relations with Canberra escorts, using masks, washing hands... Forget kissing, hugging, intimacy in the most extreme cases... What does all this remind us of?

Back to the love affairs of 50 years ago?

Dirty Dancing, Secret Admirer, When Harry Met Sally, A Great Love... These are just some of the great romantic films that show how relationships and the concept of romanticism used to be in the 80s.

That idealised love that arises from glances, where everything is lived intensely. Full of shyness, blushes, where there is almost no kissing and where you don't even think about being with another person. Those relationships for life, where you live happily ever after. Where you write the most beautiful and deepest words of love, where you live for each other. A fairytale story that many, especially women, dream of having as a child. But to what extent is this good and healthy?

Although nowadays it is normal and natural to have sex regularly with more than one partner, and even to contact one of the escorts in Hull for sex and talk about it with friends, it wasn't like that before.

Dates where rubbing, caressing or kissing took place and had a happy ending even if you had just met the other person are a thing of the past. Now dating apps and sites like Skokka are used more for talking and getting to know each other, due to health concerns.

Now when dating, the phone is put on the back burner. As much as you want sex, one good thing that has come out of the current pandemic situation is the revaluation of human connections.

Going backwards is sometimes a good thing

Being able to see each other, hug, kiss, do things together, be close... Something that was hardly ever thought about because it was taken for granted. Until it became impossible and people began to miss it.

And despite the temptation of physical intimacy, health comes first. Discovering in this way other kinds of pleasures, creating deeper and stronger bonds. Another kind of attraction besides the physical one that could even turn into love?

Only time will prove it. Now the short to medium-term future is somewhat uncertain, so no one can say for sure what will happen or how it will affect interpersonal and romantic or passionate relationships. Will the new value placed on kissing and cuddling be maintained, or will it dissipate and return to the situation of sexual liberalisation and casual encounters with multiple partners?

This change need not be any better or worse than the pre-pandemic conception. For the moment, all that remains is to keep an open mind, without prejudices, and to let yourself go without forgetting the health recommendations. Enjoy, get to know oneself better, what each person seeks and desires and what they do not. To live one's own sexuality in the best way possible, depending on each individual. In this way, to be able to cope with the situation better and become happy.

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