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3 Reasons You May Need Sydney Family Lawyers

Sydney family lawyers are a very popular form of solicitor to be used in the modern age, for a number of reasons. Divorce rates are very high nowadays, with almost half of all marriages ending in it. Disputes between relatives are also very common, and these disputes are often emotionally charged and are unlikely to be resolved by themselves. For both of these situations, Sydney family lawyers are able to mediate and find solutions. These forms of solicitors will typically handle all matters pertaining to disputes between relatives, dissolution of relationships and the splitting of assets and responsibilities that come with these types of situations. These types of situations occur just about every day, and they are very common. As a result, these types of solicitors are very popular and are used often. If you are one of those people who is in these situations, then you may be wondering if you may need to hire a solicitor from this field.

If so, here are 3 reasons you may need Sydney family lawyers.

You are going through a divorce

Divorce is common unfortunately, and there is a high chance you or some you know will go through a divorce at some point. These situations are ideal for Sydney family lawyers, as they are often very emotionally charged. Emotionally charged situations make decision making clouded and resolutions unlikely, as both parties involved are disagreeing and are in emotional turmoil. These solicitors would have seen these types of situations time and time again and will know how to deal with emotional people. Sydney family lawyers will be skilled in alternative dispute resolution and can mediate between the two parties in order to reach a fair outcome in which the matter does not have to be taken to court. This can save the involved parties significant costs and time, as court is not cheap, nor is it something that is resolved quickly.

Asset distribution

Sydney family lawyers will deal with one of the most important parts of a divorce, which is asset distribution. During a divorce, the two parties must split their assets evenly according to law. Property, income and other tangible assets must be split between the two parties. This can obviously lead to some disagreement, and a fair resolution can be hard to reach. Sydney family lawyers will specialize in achieving a fair outcome relating to asset distribution in these situations. They will know how to evenly distribute these assets in a way that will keep both parties happy, as well as according to the law, which is very important.

Custody of children

It is very important to distribute the shared responsibility of children between the two parties involved in a divorce, and Sydney family lawyers will be able to do this. According to the law, responsibility of children is to be shared between both parents as long as their living situation is suitable. This is definitely a sensitive subject, and one party may want custody over the other, which can lead to tricky situations. Sydney family lawyers will certainly be able to achieve a fair outcome for both parties, and ensure that the responsibility is evenly distributed, as well as enforcing the law when necessary.

In summary, Sydney family lawyers are specialized solicitors who focus on the field of disputes between relatives, asset distribution and the shared responsibility of children. These are all important and need to be ensured according to the law. Sydney family lawyers will have the knowledge to be able to guide disputing parties through the legal processes involved and find resolutions that are fair.

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