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Why Offline Advertising Isn't Dead in the Digital Age

In the cramped marketplace that so many businesses are operating in right now, brands are fighting to be noticed above the competition. Unfortunately, a lot of them are making a very big, very fundamental, but pretty understandable, mistake in thinking that offline advertising is dead.

What with Google ads, search engine optimized websites and the increasing use of social media to market one’s goods and services, it seems only natural that there’s no room for flyers, posters or even business cards, but that simply isn’t the case!

The need for digital printing of offline marketing tools like brochures, and yes even the humble business card is still here. Sure, it might not be quite as big as it was at one time, but it is by no means dead, and certainly not buried. Here are a few reasons why:

It Increases Your Reach

Perhaps if you’re only targeting the millennial market, who are pretty much all internet-savvy and online all the time, then you can get away with not using traditional offline methods of advertising, maybe! However, if you’re targeting older demographics, then sending out leaflets, printing brochures and putting up posters is going to vastly increase your reach because, believe it or not, not everyone shops online, and if they do, many of them will search for existing companies they’ve heard of already, by-passing your little business completely.

You can also try strategies such as sending out branded products to your existing or prospective customers to help develop a stronger relationship. This can include products such as promotional umbrellas (see here), pens and more.

You Never Know Who You’ll Bump Into

When you’re out at a conference or having lunch at that swanky restaurant, it’s a lot easier to hand that amazing contact you bumped into - the one who could do great things for your business-  your business card than it is to have them wait around while you write down your URL or  direct them to your Twitter account. I mean, you can put that information on your business card! Then, you won’t have to bumble around, and you’ll impress them way more as a result!

The Tactile Experience is Powerful

Business owners should not underestimate the power of the tactile experience. Being able to flick through glossy pages, looking at shiny products leaping out at you is often more compelling than looking at the same things on screen.

Print Has a Lasting Impact

If you create a high-quality brochure, leaflet or even something like a mug with your brand logo on it, then there is a good chance the recipient will keep hold of it for a while, where it will be a constant reminder of your brand, giving you a whole lot of free press. Compare that to an online ad which can come and go in a second and you can see just how powerful the offline mode of marketing can be.

Increased Credibility

Anyone can set up a website and con you into buying inferior goods or even just taking your money without sending you any goods online; it takes a little more time, effort and money to do the same in print. So, rightly or wrongly, companies who have offline materials can tend to have more credibility with the customers than those who don’t.

So, while you’re writing content and buying ads online, don't forget to talk to the printers too.

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