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Austrade, LinkieBuy, WeChat Pay launched “Australian National Mall” project to promote Australian products to Chinese consumers

Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade), LinkieBuy of Xingyun Group, and WeChat Pay have reached a cooperation to launch the “Australia National Mall” project, a cross-border e-commerce mini program. The three parties will work together in the construction and operation of WeChat Mini Program Mall, cross-border warehousing and logistics, marketing and promotion to help more Australian products enter the Chinese market.

Screenshot of Online Store Mini Programs developed by LinkieBuy (from left to right are the New Zealand National Mall, HealthMore, Phoenix Beauty, Ba Xi, KOMEHYO online stores)

WeChat is China's largest social media with more than 1 billion DAU. The WeChat-based mini program store is a principal channel for global brands to enter the Chinese market. Mini programs are relatively independent, and owners can have better control of them. With various social e-commerce and operating tools in the WeChat ecosystem, brands can build their own social groups and accumulate customer loyalty.

It is reported that the "Australia National Mall" is a key project of the Austrade. Before reaching cooperation, the three parties have conducted rounds of negotiations. According to the final agreement, Austrade will be responsible for project promotion and marketing support; LinkieBuy will undertake the technical development, operation and execution of the Mini Program online Mall; WeChat Pay will invest marketing and promotion resources to support project operations. The common goal of the three parties is to promote and sell Australia products to WeChat users with social e-commerce and operating tools of WeChat ecosystem, including but not limited to Mini Programs, official accounts, channels, live, groups, membership systems, etc.

Earlier, Phoenix Beauty, HealthMore, LifeSpace and some other brands in Australia had reached cooperation with LinkiBuy to build cross-border e-commerce stores based on WeChat and Alipay. Currently, online stores for HealthMore and Phoenix Beauty have been launched and achieved favorable sales performance.

LinkieBuy is a cross-border e-commerce service brand of Xingyun Group, one of China's unicorn enterprises and top supply-chain companies. With the resources of Xingyun Group, LinkieBuy is committed to offering digital transformation services for retailers, providing multi-platform online store development, global warehousing, logistics solutions, international order management, and other one-stop e-commerce trade services to help multi-category merchants to enter China market quickly. Till November 2021, Linkiebuy’s service has covered Asia, Australia, and Europe. Linkiebuy cumulatively served hundreds of renowned key accounts, including internationally well-known retailers such as Mitsukoshi Isetan and Daimaru Department Store.

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