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Craig Dunstan

If you had of invested $10,000 in each of the 24 companies that presented at last year’s Annual Australian Microcap Investment Conference, then your portfolio value would have increased from $240k to 259k, a gain of $19k, in addition to $1k of dividends for a total return of 7.9%.  The All Ordinaries Index posted a 4.4% loss over the same period.


After a hugely successful first day, the 6th Annual Australian Microcap Investment Conference ("Microcap Conference") finishes up today, Wednesday, 21 October in Melbourne, at Sofitel Melbourne on Collins in the ‘Arthur Streeton Auditorium’.


Organised by corporate advisory firm DH Flinders Pty Limited, the Conference is Australia’s largest and most comprehensive microcap investment event, showcasing the services, products, strategies and people driving today’s growth companies.


Executive Director of DH Flinders, Craig Dunstan, said:


“Microcap companies provide access to many niche industry sectors, as well as emerging technologies and business areas that are sometimes overlooked by larger companies. As investment markets begin to recover, many smaller ASX listed companies are well placed to capitalise on growth opportunities.


“At last year’s conference we had 24 listed companies present. Over the past year to 30 September 2015 six of those companies have been standout performers with returns of over 40%. Leaf Resources share price increased by 43%, IDT Australia’s by 78 %, Blue Sky Alternative Investments by 99%, Viralytics by 107%, and AMA Group by a staggering 203%.”


The companies presenting today at the Conference include one of Australia’s largest alternative investment managers’ Blue Sky Alternative Investments, fellow financial services group Centrepoint Alliance, and IT company Aeeris.


DH Flinders has partnered with The City of Melbourne, Thomson Reuters, accounting and audit firm Hayes Knight, investor relations firm Bourse Communications, stockbroker Lodge Partners, and marketing communications group Motivo, to present the conference in conjunction with association partners the Association of Financial Advisers, Stockbrokers Association of Australia and the UNSW Business School.


The Microcap Conference aims to act as a conduit and facilitate the sometimes challenging communication process between a company and its stakeholders, which may include shareholders, stockbrokers, fund managers, analysts, institutions, private investors and the business media.

The microcap universe comprises over 1700 companies with a market capitalisation of under $300m presenting many opportunities for investors.

Craig Dunstan further commented:


“The Microcap Conference provides investors with an opportunity to hear firsthand from the CEOs of 25 of Australia’s leading and dynamic microcap companies, from a varied range of sectors, as they showcase their companies, strategies and people.


“We are delighted to have secured 25 outstanding ASX listed companies to present as well as key note presentations from Paul Hannan of BT Investment Management and Richard Hemming from Under the Radar Report. We are pleased to welcome back AMA Group, Anteo Diagnostics, CML Group, Geodynamics, Leaf Resources, and Quickstep for the third year.


“This year we have over 400 professional investors, stockbrokers and financial advisers registered to attend. The microcap sector is generating greater interest each year as investors realise the gains to be made by investing in smaller companies.”


Australia’s leading group of emerging ASX listed companies to showcase at this year’s Conference are:


Capital Goods

  • Quickstep Holdings Limited (QHL) Philippe Odouard, Managing Director
  • Matrix Composites & Engineering Limited (MCE) Aaron Begley, Managing Director


Commercial Services & Supplies

  • CML Group Limited (CGR) Daniel Riley, Managing Director
  • CV Check Limited (CV1) Rod Sherwood, Chief Financial officer
  • Inturi Education Limited (IQE) Robert Facer, Chief Executive  Officer
  • Micro-X Limited Peter Rowland, Managing Director


Diversified Financials

  • Blue Sky Alternative Investments Limited (BLA) Mark Sowerby, Managing Director
  • Australian Ethical Investment Limited (AEF) Phillip Vernon, Managing Director
  • Centrepoint Alliance Limited (CAF) John de Zwart, Managing Director
  • Hub24 Limited (HUB) Andrew Alcock, Managing Director



  • Dyesol Limited (DYE) Richard Caldwell, Managing Director
  • Leaf Resources Ltd (LER) Ken Richards, Managing Director
  • Green Earth Energy Limited (GER) Samuel Marks, Managing Director


Healthcare Equipment & Services

  • Anteo Diagnostics Limited (ADO) Dr Geoff Cumming, Chief Executive Officer


Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

  • IDT Australia Limited (IDT) Dr Paul MacLeman, Managing Director
  • Actinogen Limited (ACW) Dr Bill Ketelbey, Managing Director
  • Genera Biosystems (GBI) Richard Hanneberry, Executive Director
  • Genetic Signatures (GSS) Dr John Melki, Chief Executive Officer



  • AMA Group Limited (AMA) Raymond Malone, Executive Chairman


Software & Services

  • Aeeris Limited (AER) Kerry Plowright, Chief Executive Officer
  • Melbourne IT Limited (MLB) Martin Mercer, Chief Executive Officer
  • Dubber Corporation Limited (DUB) Steve McGovern, Executive Director
  • PS&C Limited (PSZ) Kevin McLaine, Managing Director
  • YPB Group (YPB) John Houston, Executive Chairman
  • Knosys Limited (KNO) Gavin Campion, Executive Director



  • Geodynamics Limited (GDY) Geoff Ward, Chief Executive Officer




Bourse Communications is one of Australia’s most progressive and innovative Public Relations and Communications firms. The award winning company offers a wide range of Public Relations and Communications services, helping companies and organisations build their profiles in the media and share their stories with the public.


Founder and Managing Director of Bourse Communications, Rod North, has many years of financial markets experience. He has been working with the financial press since the early 1980s and founded Bourse Communications in 2005. Since then, the Company has grown significantly and now represents some of Australia’s leading and most innovative companies.



DH Flinders is a specialist Asia Pacific corporate advisory practice focused on emerging companies. DH Flinders encompasses a highly experienced team of advisors who all have significant hands-on business management experience in developing and growing businesses in the Asia Pacific region. DH Flinders operates through four business groups: Capital Markets, Real Estate Advisory, Funds Management Advisory and Corporate Services through offices in Melbourne, Singapore, New Zealand and Malaysia.


The Company assists clients to achieve their business aspirations with calculated certainty and confidence whether it is in business conceptualisation, commercialisation, expansion, acquisition, restructuring, listing or divestment.

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