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8 Negative Effects of Poor Waste Disposal

Many people understand that getting a skip bin for hire in Perth to deal with your waste issues is a good idea. However, there are people that take it upon themselves to remove their rubbish. Proper rubbish removal is essential no matter whether it’s a small household rubbish or large industrial waste. Here are 8 potential effects of improper waste disposal that you could avoid by using a skip bin hire Perth.

Contaminated soil

When waste removal in Perth is not done properly soil contamination is a harmful side effect. Products with hazardous chemicals that end up in landfills result in these chemicals leaking into the soil. This will of course affect plants growing in the area but then will also affect any animals (or even humans) who feed on them.

Contaminated air

When certain plastics go to landfill they get burned and release toxic gas and chemicals into the air. Plus the gas released from decomposing waste can also be quite explosive which can cause issues for communities that live nearby.

Contaminated water

That’s right, it's not only air and soil that gets contaminated. Waste that leaks into the soil can often find its way into groundwater. This is then used directly in our water supply which we use for watering and even drinking. Worse still is if it makes its way into streams or other bodies of water.

Poor impact on our health

With all this contamination, the population near landfills can be greatly affected. People who work in waste disposal and landfill facilities are at high risk. Exposure to waste that has been poorly handled can lead to a variety of adverse effects like infections, skin irritations and sometimes even reproductive issues.

Harms wildlife

Animals are highly affected by carelessly handled waste. Many marine animals can die from eating plastic or styrofoam. Additionally many animals who graze on grasses grown on contaminated soils can find themselves poisoned by the toxins.

Disease ridden pests

Pests like rats or mosquitos live near sewage areas and have a tendency to carry diseases, some of which can be life threatening. Poorly disposed cans and car tyres can cause diseases like malaria or dengue to be carried.

Diminishes recycling opportunities

Besides being good for the environment, waste recycling in Perth brings in some good revenue. Improperly disposed waste causes small losses on an individual scale but this can lead to larger revenue and resource loss if poor waste practices are practiced in the long term.

Contributes to climate change

Gases that are released from the decomposing waste can contribute to the greenhouse effect. Careless waste practices can harm our planet immeasurably and will make it a harsher, more difficult place for ourselves and future generations.

So to handle your waste more responsibly organise a skip bin for hire in Perth.

How much does a skip bin hire in Perth cost?

Skip bin hire prices aren’t fixed and will depend on factors like the size of the bin, what kind of waste is being collected and how long you hire the bin for

What size skip bin do I need?

Coastal Waste has skip bins ranging from 2 cubic metres to 10 cubic metres. If you have any queries about the size of the skip you need give them a call.

Skip bin hire near me

Coastal Waste is the best skip bin for hire in Perth, operating over the entire metro area. With a zero waste philosophy and top quality recycling facilities they will make sure that your waste is dealt with in the best way possible. So if you need a skip bin hire in Perth, give them a call.