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When it comes to football, we all know that there is a huge difference between the amount paid to the big players by the big clubs that they play for and the amount paid to players who play for smaller clubs in the lower leagues. This gulf in salary is often accompanied by a gulf in class and ability and always accompanied by a gulf in the wealth of the club itself. But no matter the league, you can profit by betting on the teams playing. Moreover, by reading betting tips on football, you can increase your odds of winning. But here we will take a look at the salary of players in league two as we ask just how much they are paid.

First of all, we need to address the wage cap that was introduced and then overturned. The idea behind the cap was to prevent the loss of clubs as they struggled for money, overspent, and went into administration. However, players, managers, and owners all protested and opposed a ‘one size fits all’ approach and so the cap was lifted, allowing clubs to set their own wages.

When it comes to how much players take home, there can be quite a lot of difference even within the league, and within clubs. What is more, clubs tend to be quite closed about the amounts of money that their players are given. However, there is some information available out there and we have done our best to take a look at it and bring you the highlights of our findings.

Highest Salaries

The highest salary paid to any player in League Two seems to be around £234,000 a week. This, of course, is nothing compared to what the ‘big boys’ of the Premier League get. Many will note the difference in skill, class, and quality as a justification for the difference in pay. Let’s face it - no Premier League loving fan is likely to agree to swap out: their sparkling striker for even the top scorer from League Two.

Average Salaries

Whilst the highest salary per week is more than most of us earn for a year of hard graft, the average salary paid to League Two players is nowhere near the same amount. The average wage stands at £2,000 a week. Still, a tidy sum, of course, but when you consider that Bruno Fernandes is paid about £100,000 (before any bonuses are added) a week, you can see that the League Two players have a very different experience of the sport.

When it comes to lower league football, the money that the players receive can seem meager compared to that of the Premier League peers. However, one could argue that at the lower levels of the league, it is not the money that is important to the players, but simply the opportunity to play the game that they love and be paid to entertain some of the most loyal and enthusiastic fans in the country. They are also clubs that do a great deal to support the communities that support them, and they are often found getting involved in local social projects and grassroots football.

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