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The country of Myanmar a.k.a Burma holds extraordinary beauty and an eye-catchy culture. Here, not just the people but also the landscape is flaunting astoundingly vibrant colors. The locals still savor, follow, and take pride in their traditional Asian ways. Such an amalgam of complex stunningness incites a large number of people all over the world to this beautiful nation. Last year, Australian citizens were among the people who prioritized Burma over other travel destinations.The Myanmar visa for Australian citizens isn't very tough to acquire. If you live in Australia and want to spend the next few days in this one of the world's most lovely countries, you can easily apply and get approved your visa.

Why Myanmar is a Popular Tourist Destination?

No matter how sophisticated and jaded you are, Burma has the ability to surprise your travel senses in an instance you step into this country. The Shwedagon Paya's temple will bind your attention for quite a few hours with its more than 4000 stupas. The rise and the fellowship of the Buddhist culture will not only calm your mind but at the same time, would make you want to make it your very home for the years to come.

The Taste of Tradition

As the concrete building shifts the beauty of nature to the far ages, and the life of the money-first world snatching people from their families, culture, traditions, and emotions, the amazing country of Myanmar still seems to retain its tradition even after centuries of peace, hardship, and everything else. And when a person from the first world witnesses the deep touch of the traditional roots of Myanmar's people, they get a taste that never leaves their memories no matter how old they get.

What About the Entry Restrictions in Myanmar in 2022?

Our splendid world has sadly been blasted with various waves of the deadly pandemic of COVID 19. Not only, it hit the world economically, and emotionally causing a mass amount of casualties, it also forced nations to shut their tourism doors for the travelers. And, Myanmar wasn't saved from this pandemic as well. Due to Corona, all the flights have been suspended till the 31st January 2022. Following that, the government has stopped issuing all kinds of visas including eVisas, Visa exemptions, and visas on arrival. However, if someone still needs to travel or visit Myanmar despite the restrictions, they need to adhere to Myanmar's COVID 19 entry requirements.

Can One Visit Myanmar for the Sole Purpose of Tourism?

No, at the time the government of Myanmar has restricted tourism traveling. Therefore, as a traveler visiting Myanmar for the sole purpose of tourism is a faraway dream. However, individuals with solid reasons to travel the country would need to issue special permission from the Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Are the Tourism Restrictions Permanent?

No, the COVID 19 restrictions are temporary, and hence as soon as the pandemic comes to control and the government deems the tourism safe, they will remove the restrictions promptly.

Is the Myanmar Covid Restriction Applicable for Australians Too?

The restrictions stay firm for not only the people of Australia but the entire world. The international passenger flights to Burma have been canceled till the restriction date of 31st January 2022. However, cargo flights, medical evacuation flights, relief flights, and special flights are still exempted by the restrictions. Not only just the flights, but also the borders of the nation have been closed to prevent entry and exits. If you want to visit Myanmar for a very specific professional purpose, you should contact the Myanmar diplomatic mission embassy. You would need to explain your reason to visit with appropriate evidence and documents and request for an exempted pass.

When will Myanmar Reopen for Visitors?

As the visa restrictions are thought to remain in effect till 31 January 2022, the restrictions are not going to be lifted up until then. So there's a strong possibility that Myanmar will reopen for visitors and tourists on 1st February 2022. That's the best-case scenario though as the restrictions can be extended upon the government's discretion about the situation of the Covid cases in the first week of February. If the daily number of positive cases keeps on a constant rise, the restrictions will not be removed.

If I Need to Visit Myanmar for Essential Reasons, then How Should I Proceed?

In case of the essential reasons to enter the country, the first step you should follow is to request an 'access grant' to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You would need to write your application with the details of your reasons to visit the country. Once you are granted access, you would probably arrive at the Yangon airport where the staff will check your COVID 19 test results done within the past three days. They will further check your temperature to ensure.

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