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Littering is a problem in any large city, and it's certainly not excused in Sydney too. The city has made large strides in the past decade to clean up its streets and in a lot of ways, Sydney's littering problem has become a lot better.

In this article, we discuss the effects of littering and why no one should have an excuse for littering or illegally dumping unwanted waste, goods and junk!

Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

1. Littering is an eyesore and makes Sydney look dirty. Excessive littering in some concentrated areas has a widespread effect and damages the local area.

2. Litter can cause pollution and harm wildlife, especially in local waterways.

3. Litter can block drains and lead to flooding.

4. Litter can be a fire hazard. Think cigarette buds!

5. Litter can attract pests and rodents. It's no surprise that large amounts of litter in one area can inevitably attract a build-up of pests.

6. Litter can spread disease because of the spread of bacteria.

7. Littering is against the law in Sydney and you could be fined up to $500 for littering.

8. Sydney has a rubbish removal service that will remove your rubbish for you – so there is no excuse not to bin it!

9. It costs taxpayers money to clean up litter, which could be better spent on other things like schools or hospitals.

10. Litter can take months, even years, to decompose – and during that time it looks ugly and spoils the environment.

11. Littering is lazy and inconsiderate – it shows that you don’t care about your community or the environment.

12. Litter can be dangerous for children – they could fall in a rubbish bin, get cut on broken glass or eat something harmful.

13. Littering is illegal in some places and you could be fined for throwing rubbish on the street or in a park.

14. It costs money to clean up litter, and this money could be better spent on other things like schools or hospitals.

15. Litter can cause environmental damage, such as polluting waterways and harming wildlife.

16. Littering is unsanitary and can contaminate food or water supplies.

17. Littering can be harmful to the environment – it takes up valuable resources to recycle rubbish, for example.

18. Littering can cause global warming – when rubbish is incinerated it releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

19. Littering is selfish – you’re only thinking about yourself and not considering the impact your rubbish has on others.

20. It takes a community to keep our city clean – if everyone does their part then Sydney will be a beautiful place to live in!

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