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Online games have been popular for decades, and the technologies behind them have evolved a lot. But no other branch of online gaming has evolved quite as much as real money online games. No wonder - players demanded more and more sophisticated games to play with, loaded with special features and side games to keep them entertained. And developers have given them exactly what they wanted, and on an ever increasing number of platforms.

The first company to launch a fully functional real money online gaming platform was Isle of Man based Microgaming. An operator and a developer at the time, it has offered its players just a handful of games, sent out to them on CDs through mail. Later Microgaming has decided to let others bear the burden of running online casinos, turning to development instead. In the following years it has licensed its award-winning casino platform to an ever growing number of online gaming operations, some of them long running, others, like the Red Flush casino, more recent. Today Microgaming has one of the largest game libraries of the industry, with over 700 original and licensed games available for download, browser play and mobile play.

The Red Flush is one of the best examples for a modern online casino running on a Microgaming platform. Its design is on par with today's standards - it is clean, modern and responsive. Its games are available for download, mobile play and browser play on any platform. The Red Flush Casino offers services that are top of the line - quick and easy banking options, a wide variety of games, progressive jackpots and some of the most attractive specials in the industry. Its players can engage in single player and multiplayer games, or join exciting tournaments each day to measure their luck against each other. Part of a major international gaming group, the Red Flush Casino truly stands out of the line.

Microgaming is one of the most innovative online casino game developers of them all, always seeking for new ways to offer its customers its latest games and services. It was the first to offer a networked progressive jackpot through its Cash Splash video slot machine. It was the first game developer to release a 100 line video slot machine, and also the one to offer a record breaking, $7 million jackpot on one of its games. Today Microgaming is exploring new grounds continuously - technologies like virtual reality and wearable devices.

The online gambling technology has evolved a lot since its inception just two decades ago - and its evolution is far from being complete. With new markets opening in front of the industry and new technologies emerging all the time I believe we will see its evolution speed up in the coming years.

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