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Many businesses understand the need for a high ranking website but lack the expertise to develop one that will help them build brand. In fact, most companies don’t have the staff proficient enough in SEO to undertake this task. Consequently, they are left to trial and error or hiring a professional SEO team to help them develop strategies that work within their industry and for their market.

Cost vs Results

When deciding whether or not to hire a professional SEO team to build brand for a company, the usual consideration is cost. Unfortunately, if you can’t get the results you are after, you’ve wasted a ton of manpower hours trying to employ SEO strategies that haven’t worked for your business. It is not cost effective to pay staff to do a job they are not competent in. It is much more cost effective to get the pros on task from the start so that you start seeing results almost immediately.

Visibility in the SERPs

So, what are the results you are looking for? When building brand you need to establish high visibility in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Unless searchers can find your business easily, you will remain an unknown entity. Visibility is the first step in building brand because it is how potential customers find your business initially. Not only do you need to know what the search engines like Google are looking for but you need to know what to avoid as well so that you aren’t penalised for your efforts. Experts in SEO like can create an SEO marketing strategy that is focused on gaining the visibility you need.

Identifying the Best SEO Strategies

However, there are a number of strategies you can employ to gain visibility and knowing which to use is both an art and a science. Recently Google changed their algorithms (again!) and so optimising for mobile searches is of extreme importance if you have any hope of gaining visibility in the SERPs. As well, you need to think about on-site content, link building, PPC, social media and a host of other SEO strategies that need to be considered when building brand.

Avoiding Common Google Penalties

Getting back to the bottom line, the first step in building brand is to become highly visible to potential customers. This is accomplished by gaining rank with Google and other search engines. But, if Google penalises you for making common SEO mistakes, you won’t be ranked at all or will lose your place in line at the very least. Keeping up with Google’s ever-changing algorithms is a full time job in itself, which is why it is so important to hire the services of a professional (and expert) SEO development team.

It is understood that you are looking to keep costs low when running a business but can you afford to throw good money after bad? Unless the SEO strategies that you employ are effective you have wasted whatever money you have spent developing a plan of action that just doesn’t work. Whether the SEO team you hire is in-house or a separate entity isn’t as important as developing a strategy or strategies that work. If cost is a factor, it typically costs less to hire the services of a professional team than employing one or more full-time employees to do the job. In either case, never underestimate the importance of professional SEO when building brand.

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