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The beauty and cosmetic industries are booming, and we have never spent as much money on how we look as today, yet while we are constantly developing new products to make us look more youthful, we are also realising the importance of using natural ingredients when creating health and beauty products.

Weight Loss

For the majority of the world’s population, being overweight is a problem that is generally caused by ingesting more calories that we expend. If we do not have an adequate calorie intake, hunger emerges and we naturally have a desire to eat more to satiate our body’s need for energy, and while you can greatly increase the level of physical activity to burn off extra calories, there are varying levels of success. There have been advances in weight loss technology, with special drinks that are designed to provide the right amount of calories, while also giving us a feeling of fullness. The right combination of protein and dietary fibre allow a person to lose weight without starving the body of the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to remain healthy. Weight loss shakes deliver the right nutrients, without the desire to ingest more calories, which is why they are becoming so popular.

Anti-Aging Products

Research tells us that anti-aging collagen does slow down the aging process, and by using a product that contains 100% marine collagen, results are there to be seen in a very short time. Type 1 fish collagen peptides enable high bioavailability with fast absorption, and with a daily dose of up the 10g, benefits are typically noticeable after 8-12 weeks of continued daily dosage.

Here are just a few of the benefits that marine collagen offer:

  • Improved skin hydration

  • Reduction of wrinkles

  • Promotes healthy nails and hair

  • Beneficial for the health of joints

Collagen is the most abundant protein in mammals, accounting for 30-35% of the entire body’s protein count, and this protein is present in the body’s connective tissues.

Online Solutions

If you would like to try some of the clinically proven marine collagen shakes, an online search will help you to locate a supplier’s website, and you can place an order. By taking the recommended dosages on a daily basis, you can expect to see results in 2-3 months, but make sure that the supplier is established with a good name within the industry. The supplier would publish the results of placebo-controlled studies that show very positive results, which gives you peace of mind, knowing that the products have been tried and tested.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, or slow down the aging process, 100% marine collagen that comes in a powder form that is made into delicious tasting shakes offers positive results in a very short time. If you have tried other weight loss products without success, consider taking a course of marine collagen, which comes in a powder shake format that is very easy to prepare. These products are available from online suppliers and are clinically proven to be effective.

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