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What if you could have younger, firmer skin without having to shell out loads of cash every month for cosmetics and treatments? By microneedling with DermRoller, you can. This all-natural tool triggers the body to repair and rejuvenate the skin from within.

DermRoller has exploded in popularity down under and is now the #1 microneedling tool in Australia.

This skincare technique is nothing new; the practice of microneedling has been used for over a century to reduce acne, wrinkles, pigmentation issues, scarring, hair loss, and so much more.

So, why are we only hearing about it now? Because it’s free and it only takes 2 minutes to do (basically, it’s super effective but not profitable for big corporations!).

Luckily, microneedling is making a comeback in Australia thanks to DermRollers, and thousands are now experiencing the benefits of natural healing over chemicals and cosmetics.

Let’s take a look at what microneedling is and how DermRollers can rejuvenate your skin in as few as 2 treatments.

What is DermRoller?

Australians have been demanding a safer, more affordable, and cruelty-free answer to health and beauty. The cosmetics industry has responded with costlier products and less reliability than ever.

DermRoller is a different type of skincare treatment. It rejects the idea that you need to inundate your skin with chemicals and creams or take pharmaceuticals just to achieve healthy-looking skin.

Instead, DermRoller evokes your body’s natural healing response to revive your skin naturally.

DermRoller is a microneedling tool that triggers your body to boost the production of skin-rejuvenating proteins like collagen and elastin.

The tool is a bit larger than a shaving razor, and it’s made with medical-grade titanium. At the end of the tool is a wheel of tiny needles. To use it, you simply roll it across the affected skin for about 2-5 minutes.

DermRoller is a one-time purchase that can be used at home to significantly improve the quality of your skin.

How Does Microneedling Work?

DermRoller helps to improve skin through a process called microneedling. This involves making microscopic punctures in the skin with tiny needles.

Don’t worry; the needles are so small that you can barely feel them. But on a microscopic level, they make a big difference.

When your body detects the punctures, it immediately triggers the healing response, putting extra power into the production of healthy skin-reviving proteins like collagen and elastin—the same proteins that make your skin look plump, firm, and youthful.

You can try to boost collagen and elastin with chemical treatments and pills too, but it’s not nearly as effective as when your body does it the natural way. Plus, you won’t risk side-effects, clogged pores, and dryness.

Microneedling has been studied extensively, and the science is in.

Studies have shown that using a microneedling tool like DermRoller can significantly improve the skin in as little as 2 sessions.

DermRoller can be used for years to maintain healthy skin, and it costs about as much as a month’s cosmetics shopping.

What Skin Conditions Can DermRoller Improve?

DermRoller isn’t just for reducing signs of aging and acne scarring. It’s been shown to improve a wide range of skin conditions including:

  • Large pores

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Hair loss

  • Burn and surgery scarring

  • Stretch marks

  • Pimples and blemishes

  • Cellulite

  • Rosacea

Take a look at some of the real improvements Australians have reported.

The secret to the success of DermRollers in Australia is that you can choose a tool that caters to your specific skin condition.

The size of the needle makes a big difference. When you buy a DermRoller, you can customize your needle size to see improvements faster.

Now, you don’t need expensive therapy sessions, goops, or pills that barely make a difference. With DermRoller, you can achieve natural, beautiful, and youthful skin at home with just one microneedling tool.

Take 40% off a DermRoller

To celebrate being Australia’s #1 derma roller tool, DermRollers is offering it’s brand new customizable DermRoller at 40% off the retail price.

And, for the month of June only, it is SHIPPING FREE to Australia.

Don’t miss this opportunity to save over $65 PLUS free shipping. It’s helped thousands of Australians achieve healthier, younger skin the natural way. And it can help you too!

To get your DermRoller, go to and choose your preferred colour and needle length. You’ll also find a bunch of helpful info on microneedling as well as tips on how to choose the right tool for you.

Don’t wait; you can improve your skin in just two 2-minute DermRoller sessions!

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