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Blending shears are also known as thinning shears. They have very fine, evenly spaced teeth on one side and a blunt, but straight blade on the other. Such a combination of blades allows the hairstylist to create textures and actually blend the hair to reduce the weight or volume of the hair.

Blending or thinning shears are the best tools to use when you need to remove the weight of the hair quickly and without causing any damage. These shears will get the work done very conveniently.

Using a pair of pink hairdressing shears on shorter hair will help you achieve fine, smooth edges and sharp lines. If you want to create textures (which can be done very easily with blending shears), you can apply the scissor-over-comb technique. This will help you texturize the hair really well.

Blending shears also allow you to stay in control. It is essential to have control over the motion of the blades. If you are not able to use the complete range of motion to create textures properly, you will not be able to get a clean and smooth cut.

What Makes Blending Shears Highly Reliable?

The versatility of blending shears comes from its design which ensures that it can be used to deliver various creative looks. Here are a few of the reasons which make a pair of blending shears reliable for all kinds of haircuts:

Some blending shears have 30-40 teeth on one blade. However, you can find shears with much lesser teeth as well. These teeth create a radial pattern that helps create very sharp and precise lines.

The blunt blade on the other side can lift and separate voluminous hair. On doing this, you will be able to extract and reduce the weight of the hair and create the desired texture.

The dual finger grips available on a pair of premium quality blending shears allow you to flip whenever necessary. They also put less pressure on the hands (ergonomic). They do not stress your shoulders or back of the neck, which reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries (like carpal tunnel syndrome).

Blending shears are usually made of top-grade molybdenum alloy which makes them very durable. These shears can be used for a very long time without needing replacement.

The blades are convex and this keeps them sharp and helps them to hold an edge. When you cut hair using a pair of blending shears with convex blades, the lines created are not only precise and smooth but the haircut holds its style for a very long time, without the shape becoming messy.

Techniques to Use Blending Shears

Blending shears are really easy to use and even beginners or stylists who have just finished school and are trained to use traditional shears can use these shears, without any hassle. But, if you decide to finish an entire haircut with blending shears, then you will have to master all the techniques. Given below are some of those techniques that can be applied using a pair of blending shears.

The weight of the hair can be removed and the edges of the cut can be softened. This can be done without even blending the layers. This is the most basic haircut that you can do, without adding any textures.

Blending shears can be used to cut long hair easily. You can use them to deliver precise cuts while holding the hair at a specific length. A pair of blending shears will create soft and fine lines while handling long hair, as it allows the stylist to change direction while cutting.

The scissor-over-comb technique, as mentioned before can be applied without damaging the hair by using a pair of blending shears. This technique creates contour and does not allow any harsh edges to form. Here, you will be using the shears, the comb, and your fingers to move the hair and create different styles.

The Wrap Up

As mentioned before, a pair of blending shears are very reliable when it comes to creating textures. Blending shears can cut off 40 to 70% of the total weight of hair in a short period of time. This is what creates different levels and blends the hair to give it texture. However, this usually does not work for very thick, curly hair.

When you use blending shears on curly hair, it ends up making the ends much smoother than necessary. When this happens, getting the curls back will be a problem because blending shears also extract some of the weight and weight is important for curl formation. But if you use blending shears which have about fifteen evenly spaced teeth, then you can cut through curly hair as well, without damaging the quality of the hair.

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