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If the water bill is going up like never in the past, or you think water is running abnormally, there may be a hidden leak in your home. One of the main common issues is there is a leak just under the floor. It can as well be identified in the warm location in your home.

Only expert plumbers and technicians can solve the slab leak detection issue or especially slab leak since it usually happens under a slab of floor. They can as well determine the issue if it is hidden or just under the home foundation. There are different ways that can be used for slab leak detection Melbourne; plumbers apply different methodologies in order to handle the worsening cases. They can as well check if water is leaking, water vapors near the sink or leaking from up through the home foundation or any kind of settling has happened.

The reliable way is to take note this leak issue is the soaring water, electricity bill or gas. There unforeseen increase is the very first possible indicators of undetected leaks. Settling of the foundation can damage pipes under the surface. In fact, wrong workmanship at the period of construction can as well be responsible for those leaks. Also, slab leaks can as well occur because of pip rusting due to high pH rangers in the water. Many times, old, dilapidated as well as ruptured galvanized pipe just gives up after long period of service. After pin pointing the leak, the next step is to know if it is practically doable to do a slab leak repair. Professional plumbing contractors use the best practices as well as equipment to perform the task.

They do digging down to the pipes for copper pipe service or polyethylene pipe services. It can most times be called water line leak repair. But, this kind of plumbing repair is not most times the best solution since one issue can be an indicator of more that might come in future. Also, leaks can be repaired easily in many ways. It should be found under the slab with unique and advanced tools also called leak detector. Replacing only the one line can be hard if there are signs of multiple water pipe problems or holes in the house. If the house has deteriorating or ruptured water lines, then a really comprehensive copper pipe replacement is advisable for most wanted comfort.

It is hard work to detect. Since underground water pipes are never visible, you are going to have to look for a plumber to offer professional slab leak detection services where the problem is coming from. With slab leaks, however, one can know where they are easily. If, for example, you see just a small puddle in the basement area, you can know that that leak is coming from any pipe below it.


Slab leak detection and repair is not as hard as most home owners would think. The process starts with finding the place where the leak is starting from mark. Then take off the flooring in that area, this needs to be done with care in order to avoid causing unnecessary damages.

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