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Every vehicle owner has a set of needs that call for certain customisations. There are many accessories and additional fittings that make the car safe and comfortable for passengers. These add-ons help in enhancing the reliability of the vehicle when one drives it around. Roof racks, bull bars, tow-bars and nudge-bars are some of the add-ons that car owners install to make their ride risk-free and pleasant.

These accessories can easily be installed in the vehicle without any professional help. However, certain security features like cargo barriers should not be installed as a DIY (do-it-yourself) job. This is because the installation of cargo barriers is intricate and complicated, which requires help from skilled professionals.

A cargo barrier is an add-on accessory that ensures occupational safety while travelling with huge baggage or pets. It comes in handy when shifting from one place to another or going on a family holiday road trip.

Significance of cargo barrier

While going on road trips, one of the prime causes of injury can be a vehicular collision causing objects or bags to dislocate and cause harm to the passengers. When two cars are involved in a collision or when the vehicle collides with an object, the luggage stacked at the back may hurl towards the front, causing injury to the people sitting in the front. If the driver gets hurt, this may take a serious turn, leading to a grave accident and death.

But if the cargo barriers are in place, even in case of vehicular collisions or sharp turns, the luggage will be in place. The cargo barriers will protect the passengers from the objects kept in the back of the car. This safety feature is a must-have for all cars to protect their occupants from grievous injuries in the event of vehicular collisions, high-speed driving, sudden breaks etc.

The cargo barriers may also let your pets enjoy the ride with you. While having pets in the back of the car may be risky since they may get playful and hop in the front seat, disturbing the driver, the cargo barriers ensure the safety of all car occupants. This safety feature is essential for all cars.

Besides, if you have a transport or logistics business, you and your workers must handle huge amounts of cargo every day. The cargo barrier will not only ensure your safety but that of your workers, the vehicles and the packages themselves.

Issues with DIY installation

Knowing the benefits of having a cargo barrier, people tend to install these add-ons in their vehicles. Mostly, the cargo barriers are installed in big vehicles like vans, station wagons and the like. As the size of these vehicles is big, the cargo barrier installations take time as the installation process is complex.

The vehicle owners who install these cargo barriers in the vehicles may fail to secure this add-on feature effectively. If the cargo barrier is not fit properly in the car, it may become a potential threat during the collision as the barrier may get displaced, causing injury to the occupants. Because of the aforementioned risks involved, it is advised to get the help of a professional for the installation of cargo barriers.

In Australia, there are strict guidelines about the fixation and installation of cargo barriers in vehicles that are designated as AS/NZS 4034.1-2008. This is mandatory compliance which the government enforces for the safety of all occupants. These strict guidelines must be followed strictly. Therefore, the DIY installation of cargo barriers is not recommended to the vehicle owners.

Apart from the legal issues involved with the cargo barriers’ installation, DIY is not recommended since this may compromise the safety and security of the vehicle occupants. The loss of life and property may be averted by taking the help of professionals for installing the cargo barriers in your vehicles.

Let the professionals do their job!

With the professionals, all possible risks and mistakes involved in installing the cargo barriers will be minimised.

Autosafe Industries has been providing state-of-the-art cargo barriers to vehicle owners since its inception in 1970. Whether you have SUVs, 4WDs or other vehicles, the cargo barriers will be a perfect fit for the vehicle. The professionals can help you secure your vehicle with a 5-year guarantee and comply with the AS/NZS 4034.1-2008 standards.

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