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Marchex Expands Call Analytics Platform with Clients Internationally, Brings New Mobile Advertising Analytics Capabilities to Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

This month, Marchex (NASDAQ: MCHX) announced that it has expanded its industry-leading Call Analytics platform and presence beyond North America to include coverage in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Marchex has tapped company veteran and SVP Brooks McMahon to lead this effort.

Marchex’s Call Analytics platform has grown throughout the U.S. by delivering enterprise marketers full visibility into mobile’s influence on offline transactions. As the platform has been adopted in the U.S. by a growing list of global brands and agencies, client need and demand for international support has grown as well. Selected clients launching with Marchex internationally include CDK Global and Yell, along with several technology partners such as Kenshoo.

“The Marchex Call Analytics platform has been a critical component of our marketing solutions in the U.S. for many years,” said Max Steckler, VP Global Products and Solutions at CDK Global. “We’ve launched Marchex Call Analytics in Australia, New Zealand and Canada in order to provide our clients with real-time visibility and insights into their mobile and other digital advertising campaigns, and look forward to a further global rollout.”

“The explosion in mobile search volume worldwide has created demand to offer integrated call analytics in our international markets,” said Rob Coyne, Managing Director, EMEA at Kenshoo. “Our partnership with Marchex ensures that our customers can measure the efficiency and performance of inbound phone calls from their marketing campaigns. We see many potential opportunities across our collective customer bases to bring combined solutions to market.”

“The need to tie mobile advertising spend to sales is happening now and enterprise brands must have solutions that scale globally and seamlessly. Our international expansion is designed to meet their needs and further establish Marchex as the world’s leading mobile advertising analytics company,” said Pete Christothoulou, Marchex Chief Executive Officer. “While we believe this opens doors to new business relationships, we’re especially pleased that it is being driven by demand from our valued enterprise clients and technology partners.”

The platform’s expansion brings next-generation call analytics capabilities previously unavailable to marketers outside of North America. These include channel-specific solutions such as Marchex Call Analytics for Search, the only solution that provides 100% real-time attribution for phone calls from mobile search. In addition, phone calls are analyzed by Marchex Call DNA, the only conversational analytics solution that visually maps, classifies and scores every phone call automatically.

About Marchex
Marchex is a mobile advertising analytics company that connects online behavior to real-world, offline actions. By linking critical touchpoints in the customer journey, Marchex’s products enable a 360-degree view of marketing effectiveness. Brands and agencies utilize Marchex’s products to transform business performance.
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