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The first month of the year is typically the busiest time for marketing teams. For most companies, a new calendar year means coming up with new plans and strategies to promote the business and the products and services they offer.

Choosing which types of corporate giveaways to include in your branding and marketing arsenal is one of the most challenging yet important elements of the whole process. After all, the right promotional products can be items that will help people become aware of your brand for a long time.

Additionally, whenever the recipients of your customised giveaways use them in view of others, they promote your brand effortlessly, as well. As a result, more people will know more about your company — individuals that can potentially be your customers in the future.

Moreover, your customised giveaways can help build your brand’s image. With the right products and design, these items will give people a good idea of what your business is all about, your company culture, and goals.

Customised Giveaways to Invest In

Selecting the right types of branded corporate giveaways is the first step to having products that boost brand awareness and help your marketing campaign.

If you are looking to invest in only a few items, choose from these giveaway ideas that have been proven time and again as effective branding and marketing tools:


Even today, in the so-called digital age, everyone still has to jot down a note or two every once in a while. And it is not only students who need to do this.

Investing in customised notebooks in Dubai and handing them out to your loyal customers or guests during an event is always a good marketing idea. People will appreciate having something they can write down on when they are in the office or at home.

If you choose the notebook and design right, the people who receive these will proudly bring and use this branded item wherever they go. As a result, they will effectively be promoting your business and helping others to become aware of your company’s existence.


Whether you consider giving out pens with your customised notebooks or handing out only the writing materials, you still won’t fail to get your customers’ and recipients’ appreciation.

By choosing elegant pens that display your logo as your giveaways, you are giving people an implement they can write with. Additionally, they will also have an accessory that can make them look stylish and classy.

If you want your giveaways to be more attractive and significant, consider giving out a complete stationery set, which includes a pen, notebook or note pads, and sticky notes.

In case your budget is not enough to have a lot of these made, prepare only a few sets and hand them out as prizes or give them only to your most loyal or VIP customers.


Although you can organise your schedules using an app or even simply your smartphone, many still prefer using a personal organiser or planner.

A planner makes it easier for people to organise their daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. It also helps them plan their goals more easily.

If your customers and target market are working professionals, choose a planner for your corporate giveaway. Be sure to select typography, and a design that they find attractive and suitable for their stature. This means that colourful and inexpensive-looking organisers won’t cut it for them.


All smartphones, computers, and mobile devices come with built-in calendars. However, you can’t hang them on the wall or display them on your table.

Because of these reasons, paper calendars are corporate giveaways that people still love receiving.

Desktop calendars are among your best options if your target recipients are office workers. They are always looking for ways to make their desks look more interesting and visually appealing. A well-made and designed desktop calendar will help them with this. It is also a decorative and functional item that will make it easy for them to check dates.

Business card cases

For people that carry business cards due to their work, a sleek and stylish business card case would be a much-appreciated freebie.

A branded metal or leather case allows people to store their business cards in something that won’t be crumpled or get stained easily. It also makes the holder look more professional; he or she won’t need to pull out a card from his or her wallet or pocket.

This product, however, tends to be a bit pricey, especially when compared with the other usual giveaway items. You may want to consider giving it to only a select few or as a prize in a contest.

Coffee mugs

Since nearly everyone can’t go through one day without their cup of joe or tea, branded coffee mugs continue to be a classic giveaway that won’t disappoint your intended recipients.

Coffee mugs also come with the added advantage of having a larger print area. Because of this, aside from sticking with the go-to step of having your logo, company name, and key contact details printed on the mug, you can get a bit creative.

Consider having funny, quirky quotes or a cartoon printed on your mug to give it a touch of your brand personality. Whatever design you go with, make sure you don’t forget to include your logo.

USB flash drives

If you want to give out something more modern and something people will definitely use, you won’t go wrong with choosing branded USB flash drives.

A USB flash drive allows your recipients to have an extra accessory they can use to store their files.

Since this is an accessory that people can use anywhere, make sure it displays your logo or company name, or both, clearly so that it can boost the visibility of your brand effectively.

Power banks

Since everyone needs to have access to a fully charged device all the time, a power bank is now one of the must-have accessories of today.

With a power bank, your loyal customers and target market can charge their mobile devices wherever they are. Aside from being a handy item, it is a trendy accessory perfect for people on-the-go.

And every time the recipient pops out his or her power bank, he or she and other people will see your company name and logo. This will help promote your business and facilitate brand recall, too.

By narrowing down your potential corporate giveaways to the ones listed here, your chances of achieving the promotional and branding goals you set for will be higher.


Michael Gribben specializes in Marketing and Product Development at King Printers Co. Ltd in Osaka, Japan and is the spokesperson for Print Arabia, the first Japanese online printing company in Dubai, UAE. Print Arabia offers hassle-free offset and digital printing, as well as large format, novelty, and T-shirt printing services.

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