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Can you be held in prison without being charged? In fact, you can, unless you provide the necessary amount of money to pay your bail. This amount depends on multiple factors, such as the seriousness of the committed crime, the defendant’s employment and community status as well as its record of previous crimes.

Anyhow, the requested sum of cash tends to be rather high, not affordable for most of the defendants. In moments of despair, they usually end up selling their most valuable assets or getting into debt, instead of looking for professional help.

Nowadays, there are numerous companies and agencies that perform the function of bail bond agents, paying the largest portion of the surety so as to get the accused out of custody. In fact, these professionals are your best chance of spending the shortest time in jail.

Take a look at the main benefits of hiring one.

It’s money-saving

Probably the most beneficial aspect of hiring a bail bond agent is saving money, as most defendants cannot afford to pay the whole bail amount requested by the court. These amounts are rather high, forcing defendants to sell some of their assets in order to raise the required sum of money.

Therefore, the accused most commonly decide for selling their property as well as their vehicles and most precious jewelry at ridiculously cheap prices. In the interest of time, these people cannot wait for a favorable offer but take advantage of the first one that comes along. Otherwise, they would have to request a bank loan, thus getting into a huge debt.

However, hiring a bondsman indicates paying a small portion of the bail amount, a maximum of fifteen percent with the rest being covered by the agency. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about finances and employ the rest of your budget for legal expenses. You are only supposed to hire professional assistance and leave the bondsman to do its job. In fact, you can click here if you need a professional bail bonds company to help you with your case.

Furthermore, those people who are capable of providing the surety are likely to be faced with a financial inspection. They’ll undergo an inspection whose purpose is to locate the origin of the finances since authorities consider them suspicious. Unfortunately, this procedure will even further delay the period of the accused staying in custody.

Quick release from prison

Another important benefit of using the services of a bondsman is shortening your prison stay. Instead of being in custody until trial, you’ll be able to continue with your everyday life. Naturally, when selecting a company, you’re expected to choose one with a solid reputation in order to have a guaranteed release.

Only experienced agents are able to deal with the procedure with maximal efficiency, as they are familiar with all the paperwork and the local law authorities. A reputable bondsperson with a long record of experience is much likely to obtain release approval rather than one who’s just entered this business.

Guaranteed confidentiality

Since these professionals have been through this type of legal procedure on numerous occasions, they have the efficiency to deal with the process in a fast and discreet manner. Defendants are guaranteed utmost confidentiality due to the privacy and sensitivity of the matter, so you won’t have to be concerned about the matter becoming public. Visit the following link:, to learn more about the duty of confidentiality.

In addition, in case you become a subject of financial inspection, your finances will be inspected in detail. The inspectors will comb through your private financial matters, which won’t happen if you hire a bondsperson.

Constant professional help

If you thought that these agents’ job is to only provide the bail amount, then you’re terribly wrong. By hiring such a professional, you’ll be provided with assistance throughout the procedure, including all the paperwork as well as giving an answer to all of your questions.

On the other hand, when dealing with the bail process on your own, you’re likely to experience difficulties with documentation due to a lack of legal knowledge. You’d have to do extensive research in order to make sure you’re doing things in the right way.

Last but not least, bondsmen take all the legal responsibility in case you don’t abide by the legal requirements following the release. They’ll be the ones who will take the blame for you not attending hearings at court. Otherwise, for breaking the law you’ll end up in the hands of a bounty hunter who will be hired to bring you to justice.

Wrap up

When faced with imprisonment, hiring this type of agent is the best chance you have.

Spend your time at home, not in jail!

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