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What Should You Know About Gambling in Australia?

Australia is a wonderful country, but you probably know that if you are reading this article. Whether you are a resident or a tourist touring the country for the first time, Australia offers numerous opportunities. Apart from modern cities, unique sights, and amazing landscapes, you can also have fun by playing casino games!

If you want to play online, things should be relatively easy. You can use the to identify the most tempting deal for you and pick a website right away. However, if you are a fan of old-school gaming, here is what you should know if you are in Australia.

How Many Casinos Are There?

It is hard to estimate the exact number because there are thousands of small facilities that offer slot machines and other games. If we are talking about large licensed casinos, there is more than 60 of them.

Each state regulates gambling within its territory, but these are big companies present throughout all states. These facilities are a match for all those fantastic casinos in Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, etc.

Is Poker Popular in Australia?

Yes, poker is one of the most popular casino games in the country. The estimation is that you can enjoy playing it on over 150 tables with different dealers and stakes. You may even encounter tournaments organized by social clubs. Players take the game seriously, and you can find many poker lovers that are very skillful in this game.

What About Sports Betting?

Did you know that horse racing is a favorite sport of many Australians? Some races are considered to be holidays, and people like betting as much as watching them. The only problem is that it is not legal to post bets while an event is in progress, and that also applies to other sports.

That doesn’t affect the popularity of sports betting because the estimation is the Australians spend more than $7 billion each year on this type of entertainment.

Are Any Other Games Popular?

It may be a bit old-school, but Aussies also love these two games:

  • Lotto – the lottery is so popular that multiple national providers are present. Some prizes are modest, but the jackpot can go up to 100 million AUD, or even more. Thanks to the presence of multiple providers, you can also enjoy scratch cards that may grant you an immediate win.

  • Bingo – it might not be as popular as lotto, but bingo has its fans because of the social component. It doesn't require a lot of money to participate, and it can grant considerable winnings while allowing you to hang out with other people. You will find many bingo halls, bars, and clubs throughout the major cities.

Gambling is popular throughout the entire globe, and Australia is not an exception. Things work a bit different because of the laws that are a bit restrictive, but Aussies know how to have fun. That is why they manage to find a way to enjoy playing their favorite games.

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